SAINTS ROW Reboot is Pure Woke Faggotry
26 August 2021
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The highly awaited continuation of the Saints Row franchise has ended as a faggotized reboot that’s already on death row.

 Now if you’re an actual fan of the Saints Row franchise like myself you’ll understand how Saints Row has sharply fallen in terms of quality and reception going from the first two in the franchise moving onto Saints Row The Third which was more “comical” by nature yet at this point it was quite obvious that the pinnacle of the franchise had been met and that everything from the third onwards would be a downward spiral.

And it was, Saints Row IV was met with distain by myself as well as practically anyone else whose played it. The age of pure unadulterated violence replaced with a laughable bullshit story that’s not even funny.

However if Saints Row IV didn’t basically write the end of the series, with Zinyak destroying the Earth and all that… Volition was certainly happy to kill it off for good with Gat Out of Hell which was a horrible game through and through.

And yet if you had the patience to play through that shit you’d probably be met with the ending where God remakes the Earth however everyones lives will be different….. and we thought this proceeded Agents of Mayhem.

Remember Agents of Mayhem? It was Volition’s attempt at creating another “new” IP by piggybacking off Saints Row, they even brought Johnny Gat back as a playable character. Agents of Mayhem went about as well as you’d expect…. meaning the game was a catastrophic flop.

But enough of that, we’ve known for awhile that another Saints Row game was in the works, how Volition were going to continue onward wasn’t clear since everything to do with Saints Row has come to a horrible close already…. so a reboot?

Volition have finally unveiled its newest flop, the Saints Row reboot and what a fucking dismal pile of shit we have right here.

The cinematic trailer of the Saints Row reboot is just about all you’d expect from your typical modern video “gayme”, nothing but diversity and bullshit.

Volition claim that this reboot will be their biggest, richest and most ambitious Saints Row game to date and they’re certainly not lying about being ambitious because it’s pretty fucking obvious at this point that Volition have no understanding of their target audience considering the trailer focuses on the “nu-saints” consisting of skeletal soy-boys of various ethical backgrounds and plenty of strong wahmen of which the niggeress on the thumbnail is sure to induce discomfort.

From the appearances alone it’s pretty obvious that the Saints have devolved into a anti-white gang of millennial punks that are eerily similar to that of the Deckers from Saints Row The Third.

Despite that the Saints now consist of a quirky nigger geek, as Asian side character, some ugly mulatto woman (possible lesbian) however the trailer puts an extreme emphasis on this nigger bulldyke featured during the final moments of the trailer right before she blows the only white man predominantly featured in the trailer.

This strong woman of color will most certainly be who I expect will be a main side character in this shit show, all gaymes these days need to have a strong female main protagonist as everyone surrounding her is either a pathetic twink nu-male or fellow lesbians.

There’s also around ten seconds of gameplay footage of the Saints Row reboot to view and rather unsurprisingly it looks like total fucking shit.

Reception of the reboot is quite clear, go anywhere on YouTube and anything to do with the Saints Row reboot has been met with dislike bombardment from biggoted nazi scum like myself.

The comment sections of trailer videos are awash with distain for this woke garbage as it’s pretty damn clear that Volition once again proves that it has lost touch with its fanbase once again as they look to interject diversity and racial politics into a gayme that has clearly lost its identity.

Reboots in general serve no purpose other than to ruin once great franchises by injecting woke politics into the mix for a quick buck, like in the case of EA’s Dead Space reboot which is certain to be dead on arrival much like Saints Row.

But it’s not much of a surprise that Volition have taken Saints Row in such a direction, given they haven’t made a decent game since Saints Row 2 and granted how modern society looks down upon anything that doesn’t kneel and cater towards faggots and women.

And of course for such a shit game as this you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that the game will be releasing on February 25th 2022 for both current and last gen consoles (minus the Switch) however for the PC the game will be an Epic Gay Store exclusive.

So if this faggot filled reboot already didn’t turn you off already, at least they’re being honest and upfront that consumers should actively avoid this pile of shit.

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