Saints Row Reboot Flopped HARD – EMBRACER Restructuring Volition to be Absorbed by Gearbox
18 November 2022
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The inevitable has finally happened.

It has been a couple of months since the release of the Saints Row Reboot which was met with a universal negative reception, which is quite bizarre considering how the game itself perfectly encapsulates woke gaming journalists.

Volition revived the dead Saints Row franchise for one final hoorah, after of course butchering and killing the original series with increasingly retarded installments such as Saints Row IV and of course Gat out of Hell, but this new reboot would bring so much change.

No longer would the series be about general gang warfare, but more rather you’d play as a bunch of whiney millennial faggots who start a “gang” empire to pay off….. student loans.

With the entire story being nothing but pure faggotry, Volition went the extra mile for gaymers to customize their in-game character to be the most inclusive woke abomination as can be, this of course is combined with how the game itself censored vehicle customization by replacing Rim Job’s with Jim Rob’s, along with the Freckle Bitches fast food joint having its name changed to FB’s to be more inclusive of course.

The game flopped, players were not happy, reviewers were not happy and can you guess who else wasn’t happy?

At least there’s one upside when it comes to developer monopolization as large conglomerates buy up all smaller studios, when those smaller studios release a woke pile of absolute shit, they’re not just wasting their own money but the money from their parent company as well. And if you steal money from your parents you’re going to get a smack.

The Embracer Group obviously was not satisfied with the massive black hole that was expenses for the Saints Row Reboot, considering how they’ve probably handed out more review copies than the total amount of units sold, Embracer have finally decided to cut their losses and bury Volition once and for all.

Embracer CEO, Lars Wingefors has stated that the Volition team, based in Illinois, will transition into being the developmental lackeys of Gearbox Entertainment.

“Going forward, Volition will transition to become part of Gearbox which has all the tools, including an experienced management team in the US, to create future success at Volition.

“This is the first internal group transfer where we transfer a major studio between operative groups, but it is not necessarily the last.”

While not exactly the payoff we as consumers deserve, that being Volition being killed off entirely, forcefully being absorbed into another studio is a laughable and horrifying aspect, though I can’t imagine that Gearbox themselves would falter upon taking in the diversity hires of Volition considering how they themselves produce disgusting woke abominations, disguised under the Borderlands franchise.

The Volition team are still adamant in providing bug fixes to a clearly unfinished game under the pretext of updates, with Volition recently releasing the “Bright Future Update” which is an ironic name given how their reboot was not only a flop financially but it has pissed on the legacy of the franchise as a whole, with Volition themselves having been given a bright future being the subordinates of Gearbox.

Who literally just got the rights to Risk of Rain today.

Never mind that, the Saints Row Reboot itself was promised to have future expansions as apart of its season pass, but I guess that has been thrown out the window entirely as a prospect, I guess it makes all the more sense why they’ve been transitioned into Gearbox, because they themselves have quite the history of providing seasonal passes for games that eventually have expansion packs scrapped entirely.

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