Rumors Speculate AMD and Samsung Custom SoC to Be Revealed in June
24 February 2021

Since halfway through 2019 it has been known that Samsung has partnered up with AMD to work on a custom SOC for its mobile Exynos processors that utilizes AMD GPU technology within, as reported by Sammobile.

During CES 2021, Samsung actually confirmed further details regarding the partnership and suggested that their next flagship following the Exynos 2100 found in the Samsung Galaxy S21 would feature this co-developed GPU made in conjunction between Samsung and AMD.

However a new rumor has surfaced that this “SAMDSUNG” SoC collaboration could in fact be officially revealed rather shortly.

@Universelce, happens to be a very reliable source of leaked / speculative information regarding primarily smartphones and other mobile devices. “Ice Universe” has stated that Samsung intends to at least announce its custom GPU portion of the SoC developed in conjunction with AMD, not including the Exynos processor in June.

While we’re still well off from an actual product release, a showcase of mere technical specifications and the technologies within will certainly be enough in terms of how it compares against the competition from the likes of Qualcomm Snapdragon and crApple Bionic processors.

Coincidentally enough, a leaked graphical performance test between one of these next-generation Exynos SoC’s utilizing a co-developed AMD GPU compared to an Apple A14 Bionic processor shows that nothing but destruction awaits Samsung’s competitors taking a demanding victory according to the leaked report by ithome.

According to the leaked performance figures this SAMDSUNG collaborative SoC offers vastly superior graphical performance than that of the Apple A14 when it comes to GFXBench.

With the unnamed Samsung-AMD SoC taking the charge in Manhattan 3.1 by a whopping 24.18% of which its performance gap only gets wider when we move onto Aztek Normal which shows a commanding lead of 73.24% for the AMD/Samsung SoC and to top it all off with the Aztek High School benchmark we’re seeing damn near doubled performance from this collaboration with the Exynos SoC being 90.16% faster than the crApple A14 Bionic.

While gaming on mobile devices such as a smartphone are often looked down upon with distain, there’s no denying that mobile gaming has become more and more popular in recent years. And that for certain the collaborative efforts between Samsung and AMD will be met with universal appraisal for its soon to be industry leading graphical performance.

Though it’s unknown what the takeaways will be between both companies however if Samsung and AMD are working together and sharing knowledge and their own intellectual properties this partnership will be extremely beneficial in the long run for both parties, especially it has been rumored that Samsung would purchase RTG (Radeon Technology Group) outright some years ago.

Samsung is a powerhouse when it comes to disposable R&D funding while AMD are a newly reestablished force to be reckoned with, and it’s certainly clear that Samsung intends to establish dominance in the mobile market with the assistance of AMD, though the future of Samsung’s Exynos processors is quite uncertain as NVIDIA wishes to acquire ARM much to the objections of even Samsung.

Though if the green goblin does purchase ARM from Softbank I’m sure Samsung will slowly shift away from ARM with this sort of unorthodox thinking as we’re seeing with its partnership with AMD.

(Thanks for the news tip, AMD-Day)

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