[REVIEW] Gothic 3 – A Bootleg Race War Simulator
22 May 2022
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I won’t make any excuses, Gothic 3 on it’s own is garbage, but you can easily fix that by installing mods creating by Aryans who actually know how to make vidya good.

So lets shortly recap the ending of Gothic 2:

After defeating the orcs in Khorinis and killing the undead dragon in the halls of Irdorath, Xardas appears unexpectedly and absorbs the undead dragon’s power.

To what ends? We will soon find out.

First off according to the upgraded version German cinematic (((Xardas))) uses his newfound power to destroy rune magic (rune tablets Mages and Paladins use to cast magic) and so the orcs easily defeat them and the capital city of Vengard falls.

The mages, in a last ditch attempt cast a barrier spell in order to buy them some time as the nameless hero sails for the mainland and upon arriving to the mainland he founds out that the Human occupants have lost the race war to the orcs and now the orcs rule the mainland.

And now much like any Niggerdom, society descends to human slavery and Barbarism.

Like a true Aryan hero, he charges at the orcs at Ardea and absolutely decimates them with the help of his comrades.

And so the game begins.

The game begins with a simple objective “find Xardas” and in the “remastered” version you also get additional quests that detail Xardas’s betrayal and also new quests that has you killing the few surviving dragon’s from the last game.

(they drop some pretty good loot which you can make potions that can permanently boost your stats by a large margin).

I won’t spoil the story but there are mainly five different factions that you need to be aware of.

The Rebels, loyalists to the crown.

The Nordmar “Barbarians”, servants of Innos.

The Orcs, servants of Beliar.

The Hasishin, Semitic sand-niggers who call themselves “Beliar’s chosen people” who mainly act as slave traders and slave hunters.

The Nomads, same thing with the rebels, these are “good” sand-niggers who worship the Nordic god of fire and order Innos. But due to their displacement by the Hasishins many of them were reduced to banditry.

There are also two minor neutral factions such as the Hunters and Druids.

Whom start off as pacifist because “Niggers are people too” but then once they realize how much devastation and destruction the orcs has caused to nature they eventually decide to fight back.

Since you’re a newcomer in the land, none of the factions trust you so it’s up to you to decide who you work for and how do you play.

For example, you can earn the orcs trust by completing quests for them such as killing wolves who keep eating their slaves or bandits who stole their malt liquor shipment.

Once the orcs trust you, you can start helping the emancipated humans by helping imprisoned warriors or distributing weapons to the enslaved population.

The revolution mechanic is fairly simple, just get them a few bundles of weapons and the next time fight with the guards the slaves will join you in the fight.

It’s important to complete all the quests before you start a revolution because once you do, the quests by the Orcs/Mercenaries are blocked for you.

Of course, there is always the dark path if you decide to role play as a jew bad guy.

Playing as a shabbos goy mercenary, rounding up escaped slaves, snitching on your fellow humans to the Orc patrols.

It is the easy path of the game since the humans are in the minority of Myrtana because they lost the war, each faction has their own advantages.

For example the Paladins of Innos can teach you how to bless your weapons which will make them deal holy damage (double damage to undead) and 10+ damage for everyone else, the water mages can teach you how to regenerate mana.

While the Orcs can teach you how to regenerate your health if you’ve learned enough of the required attribute (I think 300 strength was the base requirement?)


Gothic 3 is a mess, not just because the developers rushed the game, or later outsourced the development to people who literally shit in the street or the fact that (((JoWooD))) tried to sue anyone who gave them an honest impression of the game in early 2006, which is to say they thought it was bad.

But even a mess of a game can still be enjoyable due to it’s diverse atmosphere, soundtrack and themes.

You got three builds, the warrior who utilizes strength, uses melee weapons, crossbows and heavy armor. Crossbows and melee in this game are godawful, this is purely for the hardcore players.

The Hunter and their unique “hunting skill” can still use Skill-Swords such as rapiers and Hasashin swords, Bows which are incredibly powerful in the early stages of the game, and of course can dual-wield. This is the Medium difficulty build of the game, plenty of challenge but also allows you to cheese enemies from afar.

And of the course the most recommended build, The mage which can cast Fireballs, mind control spells, heals, freeze, summons etc… Just like in Gothic 2, magic is the easy mode of the game, would only recommend if you hate challenge.

Magic skills aren’t static like in the previous games, in this game all spells scale based on your “ancient knowledge” attribute.

Minor Supplementary skills would be:

Thieving: The stealth skill is mainly used to steal shit and say “I dindu nuffin” as the guards hilariously warn you that stuff “keeps disappearing” since you came.

It also always you to increase your gold gain from selling shit after you get 80 points in that skill, after getting 90 you can knock even high level NPCs unconscious in order to steal their shit, after 100 you can learn from Lares how to 1-K people while sneaking.

Alchemy: Make healing potions, mana potions, animal transformation potions, and once you reach a high level you can make permanent skill potions.

Blacksmithing/Mining: Can sharpen weapons, create weapons, creating arrows and bolts, reinforce armor and more, this is the more straight-forward utility skill.

You can always mix and match later in the game but I recommend you to stick to one build for the early game in order to maximize efficiency.

In my first playthrough, I went hunter and it was decently challenging, I cheesed late game bosses in the early game due to the ability to shoot from afar and wasted like 500+ arrows on a dragon which only got me loot worth 20-25K gold (which might be a lot early game, late game it’s fucking nothing).

Factions: like any highly replayable game you always get that replay value through experimenting with different builds and factions.

These can change not only the outcome the ending but also your very playstyle.

For example, the end level spells for the good side “Meteor” is locked until you pledge your allegiance to Innos, likewise the End level spell for Beliar “Lighting strike”.

However you can still use “good spells” while playing as a bad character and vise versa.

The Factions themselves are varied and Diverse, the Rebels/Loyalists/Paladin/Fire Mages are all about regaining their freedom back and fighting for Innos and the King.

Orcs and their shabbos goys Mercenaries are all about getting easy money and plenty of Power to be a “Morra’s” (The Gothic Orcish version of “honky, whitey” or whatever niggers use to describe their superiors) Gladiator and Human Hunter for the Orcs.

Then there is the Semitic sand-niggers I mentioned above. The Hasishins, while they appear plainly evil at first glance, they’re actually one of the more interesting groups in Gothic 3.

You got you regular Hasishins who merely are slave traders, you got the Merchantile sort, the Weirdos who are just high on swampweed.

And the Lubavitch Chabad Black Mages (who are the people in power of the semitic sand-niggerdom) who extort larges amounts of Tithes from the Merchant Class, they are also the only ones who are allowed to teach high level black magic for the Hassishin people and of course Soliders, Warriors and the Gladiators of the Hasishin kingdom (who are higher status than slaves but do not hold any significant political power).

Then there are the Water Mages who are neutral but strongly oppose Beliar (think of Buddhists basically, they hate the semitic sand-niggers and approve of Myrtana of being a human kingdom who worships Innos but try to abstain from violence where ever necessary).

They are basically just an extension of the Druids, The Nomads who are just boring. The Nordmarians who are hardy, stockymuscular and generally badass people who kill Niggers Orcs for a living.

They also make finest weapons using Nordmarian Magical Ore (which unlike the previous games, is mine-able).

And the Hunters who are spread throughout Myrtana, while they do work for the Orcs selling skins for a profit, they are largely sympathetic to the plight of the human slaves but they do not have any political power and therefore not a major faction to consider (you can still get great Dex Armors from them, which use crafting recipes and are not locked to any allegiance, perfect for people who want to maximize their playthrough).

To summarize, Gothic 3 is an incredibly ambitious game (no loading screen whatsoever, the game is fully open world) with good content packed in between the streetshit coding and rushed schedule, but the game itself is just a constant flow of crashes, bugs and frustration without utilizing the aforementioned mods.

It is a fairly enjoyable race war simulator between orcs, humans and sand-niggers and will net you at least 100 hours of game time upon completion, the gameplay is downright terrible but the role play aspect is impressive and enjoyable.

7.8/10 would totally genocide orcs in the name of Innos.

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