[REVIEW] Gothic 2 Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos
9 July 2022
Gothic 2 Gothic The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos

Greetings Niggers and Niggerfaggots.

Are you tired of forced faggotry in video games? Tired of feminist cancer? Tired of seeing “heroic” niggers who fight white sandwich supremacy for their enslaved brothas’ and Grabblerish massas?

Well I have some good news for you bastards, for in December 2021 came a out a great game, a game which is quite literally free to those who happen to own Gothic 2 on Steam.

A game, where Usury is demonized, patriotism is idealized and the ”wonders” of diversity are openly exposed.

A game, produced quite literally by a bunch of autistic, passionate fans from /pol/ and who loved the Gothic Series.

For it’s Immersive world, skill based combat system and German design to the point where they made their own fucking prequel to it, because the parent company was bought and absorbed by Filthy Chews.

Who in turn turned ELEX from this, and this

Into this Judaized abomination

Anyway, back to Archolos.

The game begins in a typical “AAA” way, there is a big cinematic sequence where Orcs have been sighted on your Island (Orcs in the Gothic universe are a essentially a hybrid of Mongols and Niggers).

The protagonist and his brother flee the island before the tidal wave of Mongol-Niggers take over the island slaughtering its inhabitants or making slaves out of them.

So you and your brother Jorn hop aboard a pirate’s ship that’s smuggling refugees to the neighboring Island of Archolos, in the ship you are given free reign to learn how the game works and do various small assignments for your fellow refugees.

You can learn how to cook, learn how Gothic’s unique fighting system works if you challenge a certain punk into a fight when he acts niggerishly against you, or you can choose to retrieve a package for a mysterious woman as well learn arrow-crafting after giving a pirate a bottle of rum.

After you’ve completed everything on the lower deck, talk to your brother and a cutscene will play,
the pirate captain unleashes his inner merchant by demanding payment from a certain somebody for the safe transport inland.

And that certain NPC has lost his compass, so here you have your first choice in the game Intervene to save that NPC’s life or just let the pirate kill him.

By saving his life you gain… absolutely fucking nothing but a warm thanks and “you did the right thing” feeling in your heart, however if you don’t intervene you get one of the best early game weapons right from the start (his sword) which is found on his corpse when you land ashore.

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos has only one ending (and a secret one as well) but these endings have many alterations for minor and major characters, so that means that fate of NPC’s can solely depend on how you interact with them and the choices you make which is great for replayability.

We land ashore and are met with another option, either go to a cave to spend the night with the douchebag who was a nigger to you or go with your brother to the village.

The former is the easy option and the latter is more challenging but more rewarding (do let your brother do all the fighting though, because in the beginning, true to form for the Gothic franchise you’re weak as piss.

After you reach the village, you’re no longer leashed and are free to explore as your heart’s content, but if you’re new to the franchise I’d recommend that you do these various things.

Learn how to skin animals first and foremost, explore and pick stuff up, the game is masterfully designed so you might find great loot hidden in plain sight.

You can make money by reading the noticeboards you come across in each city allowing you to make decent money by completing requests, the developers actually made Archolos to be as realistic as possible as your bartering skills match your physical capabilities for when trading random garbage to merchants you sell items for 15% of their designated value.

Hence wanted posters and professions (will expand on this later) are the only legitimate ways to make money in this game.

Back to gameplay, when you are in the village you’ll notice that you have stats, you have Strength which governs your physical damage with melee weapons.

Dexterity which governs your physical damage with ranged weapons (and also effects fall damage and lockpicking)

Mana which is your spell pool, and you’ll have individual weapon proficiencies. How do weapon proficiencies work?

Essentially if you have 10% in “One Handed” you only have a 10% chance to deal the full damage of the weapon and if it doesn’t proc you’ll deal minimum damage, the higher the proficiency the higher chance of landing a “crit” thus doing full damage of the weapon.

Also the more you are proficient with the weapon, the attack animation will change, you’ll go from swinging like a woman into mastering the art of sword fighting as you progress throughout the game.

Actual progression in an RPG game, say it ain’t so, you’ll recollect as you wield your sword from a peasant to a true master in regards to how progression such as this is nowhere to be found in western “AAA” RPG video games.

Weather you go one handed, two handed, crossbow or bow it is all entirely up to you, but I usually recommend one handed weaponry because of the quicker melee animations.

Whether you opt to boost STRENGTH or DEXTERITY (STR is better for melee while DEX is better for ranged combat, however there are both DEX and STR swords for melee and ranged.

The third option, magic which requires a fuckton of LP (learning points), magic is extremely powerful once spec’d during the end game, while all the magic circle books can be freely accessed across the map or purchased from NPCs, you’re far better off investing into Strength and Dexterity during the beginning of your first playthrough.

Though a fair warning, the game is brutally difficult in the early stages but after you reach higher levels and obtain a decent weapon it all becomes fairly manageable.

Gothic is a very unique game, there might be difficult enemies but there is always a way to cheese a difficult enemy.

One thing you can do is act as big of a pussy as you are physically, luring unsuspecting enemies to their demise by having them chase you into villages or squads of NPC’s who’ll make quick work over whatever that may be chasing you, though you won’t earn any EXP from the kill.

Hilariously enough if you’re being chased by either a Warg or Troll, you can turn tail and jump into the nearest lake and watch them drown, because as we all know, niggers cannot swim.

You can harness the power of magic and use powerful scrolls, summoning good shabbos golem into doing your dirty work is a godsend, you can even take down powerful enemies by using scrolls to shrink them physically making them a very easy kill.

Perhaps you wish to be cheeky, in that case you can flex those quads after eating some snapperweed (sprint herb) and just nab the treasure a certain guardian is keeping or sneak at night and just pick the stuff up without fighting the monster.

Gothic has a lot of different possibilities when it comes to overcoming adversity, and that’s why I love this game. Sinking well over 1000 hours into the whole trilogy (which btw costs literally a single euro on most key reseller sites).

A game which expects outside the box thinking from it’s playerbase, combined with genuine skill you can even kill high level enemies like a bear with early game weaponry and 30% proficiency in one handed combat simply by chaining hits with rapid succession.

Back to Silbach, in Silbach you can learn of other useful skills like expand your cooking recipes, learn how to make bows and crossbows, blacksmithing, alchemy, improve your extraction (mining and wood chopping) abilities.

Magic scroll duplication and even learning to use magic runes once you’ve acquired the corresponding magic books that teach you the circles of magic as well as learn “criminal” (i.e Niggerly) skills like lockpicking and pickpocketing which are actually bound by their own respective proficiency.

Well I think I’ve bored you enough with mechanics, time for you niggerfaggots to actually progress through the main questline.

You and Jorn reminisce about the past, and then get real thirsty for some booze, Jorn then teaches you how to lockpick so he can steal (like a shameless nigger) booze from his uncle’s locked chest so that you and your brother can have a blast of a night and go to sleep.

Next morning you found out that Jorn’s condition got worse so you go to some faggot alchemist to get stronger medicine for him while your uncle watches him so you go to the alchemist and he asks you what stung him that night, we mention that he was stung by a Bloodfly and then he prepares the mixture.

You return the next day and he asks you to test out the potion, in reality he gives you a completely different potion to test out, you start hallucinating and then pass out.

By the time you return to your brother with the medicine you found out that he was kidnapped and now you must make your way into the city this opens up two methods into the city.

The first one which I call “the white man’s method” is to simply prove useful to the village elder of Silbach until he gives you a royal decree and a recommendation allowing for easy access into the city, the second method which I call “the cheeky nigger”.

This method requires us to do the quests of some mysterious (and criminal looking) merchant’s guild woman who will task you with selling various goods and contraband like swampweed to the villagers of Silbach after earning more than 200 gold she will give you advise how to sneak into the city (either via sewers, helping a certain merchant who is stuck outside the city because one of his wheels broke, or going to the woodcutters camp and bribing them unto smuggling you into the city).

You can do both methods but if you want the secret ending (which is essentially what happens if you only do the main questline and ignore EVERY SINGLE OTHER SIDE QUEST [which I do not recommend on your first playthrough]) you’re only gonna have to do the the cheeky nigger method to get into the city.

There is also a third way into the city which is actually faster than both methods, this method is actually a sidequest where the tavern keeper asks you to resolve a dispute between the local sheep shagger and some drunkard from the village and if you help the drunk prank the sheep-shagger he will offer you either a ring of DEX or advise how to get into the city (which guard to bribe and how much).

But I’m getting sidetracked, you do either method and get into the city and now the fun begins, the city is massive so the first thing I recommend you do is GET A FUCKING MAP, alternatively if you like spending money like a Twitch onlyfans addict, there are guides plastered around the city like gypsies that for 5 gold coins will take you anywhere you tell them to.

Familiarize yourself with the city because it’s fucking BIG.

Unlike Skyrim or other shitty unimmersive games, when you arrive in the city you have no name, no title no one knows you and everyone treats you like some foreigner (because you are one) therefore you can’t apply for an apprenticeship without citizenship.

So go to the immigration office and ask tell the clerk that unlike the other Nigrants, you can actually read and they’re surprised by this, he gives you a document stating what you need to do in order to obtain citizenship.

You have to get recommendation from citizens (both influential and non-influential) to get approval he also asks you for a (((modest))) sum of gold but does offer you a job instead of paying to clean the dirty streets of Archolos with a broom (sounds exciting, doesn’t it?)

It still pays, in doing so will also give us a recommendation from the clerk as well.

So after getting citizenship you can sign up with whatever apprenticeship you desire, there are total of 5.

There is the butcher which you can sell raw meat to for 100% of their value (which also teaches you cooking recipes, some of which can actually give you permanent boosts to stats very early on).

There is the alchemist which you can sell potions (which you made or found) for 33% of their value
Bowmaker and skin merchants which you can sell not only skins for a higher markup but also self-crafted bows/crossbows for 100% of their value (only once though).

Blacksmith which the same as the above swords/hammers/spears for 50% of the value of the weapon (you can only sell a weapon you forged ONCE, and there is about a dozen or so for each proficiency of smithing)

And my personal favorite, the “locksmith” who is actually a thief (and can teach you advanced and master lockpicking techniques for FREE), which you can sell to him various golden and silver dinery (cups, chalices, plates, jewelry) for 33% (recently patched to 66%) of their value (which is a lot since these items are worth a few hundred each) and mined wood which you can harvest from trees (they replenish every 2 chapters).

Each of these professions come their own benefits, the alchemist teaches you alchemy for FREE, the bowmaker teaches you how to craft bows and their recipes which you CANNOT learn elsewhere.

The blacksmith gives you an early access to higher level smithing recipes while the Butcher has perma stat cooking recipes, and the locksmith gives you “challenge chests” with GREAT loot inside.

Of course after mastering one’s profession (by doing various missions for the professions teacher)
he will give you a certificate that you’ve mastered your training and you’re free to pursue another profession in the later chapters of the game.

Aside from professions there is also another method of making money… which is to fight in the slums warehouse at night (at first it will be fist fights, and later it will be with weapons, though keep in mind I’d only do this once I’ve upped my strength and got a decent weapon).

Back to the main questline after getting a profession and having enough shekels and equipment, it’s time for you to choose a faction that can help you track down Jorn and also get access to good armor.

There are two factions in Archolos, the Araxos Merchant guild which keep the commerce going
and the city guard which are the patriotic soldiers of the Kingdom of Myrtana.

The Guards are basically the Police force in Archolos, their main goal is dealing with criminals and renegades.

This is the patriotic “LA NOIRE” Faction where you basically work as a cop against enemies of the nation both foreign and domestic.

But if you prefer a more “Mafia-like” organization the Merchant’s guild is all about cunning roguery and undercutting the competition, both of these factions will have “investigation quests” and combat quests, though the City guard is more focused on Combat in the early game and investigations in the late game, the opposite is true for the merchant’s guild.

Overall I felt much more at home with the guard than the guild since the guard actually fights criminals while the merchant’s guild fights smugglers.

Regardless of which faction you choose you can learn magic from books, which can be either found throughout the world, can be purchased from mages (for a high price) or can stolen from the mages residence if you sneak at night and steal (like a nigger) the first circles of magic anyway.

Runes likewise can be found in the world, bought from mages or stolen from their homes and in the late game magic is incredibly useful vs high level enemies or multiple groups of enemies (esp iceblock and Geyser).

I view magic as supplementary, since there is nothing better than beating down a late game enemy early using melee with good dodging techniques.

Though there is always DEX builds who can just climb on a ledge and just pepper enemies with arrows…

In any case I won’t spoil the story further, the game itself is magnificently crafted is very replayable due to various faction choices, plus the amazing soundtrack will always keep you coming back and the best thing about that its FREE.

A passion project where there is the quality and the soul of game, reminiscent of a time long since forgotten, what a sad state of affairs the “gaming” industry finds itself in where fans have become better developers than the richest AAA studios.

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