Refund Petition for Battlefield 2042 Now at 220,000 Signatures and Climbing
22 February 2022
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If you needed anymore evidence regarding EA’s latest pile of shit they dare call a video game, Battlefield 2042 was another catastrophic failure for the Yiddler conglomerate following other hilarious failures such as Star Wars Battlefront, ANTHEM and Battlefield V, look no further as a petition demanding refunds for Battlefield 2042 has been surging with consoomer support.

The petition in question was made back in January on ((( requesting that EA Games offer the ability for gullible gaymers to refund their purchases particularly on platforms such as consoles and of course EA’s own Origin storefront, as it would seem the only service granting refunds would be Valve’s Steam store.

Considering how the overall daily player count for BF 2042 has slumped on Steam from a peak of just over 100,000 concurrent players to barely scraping over 2,500 in just a few short months who knows for certain just how many of those customers in particular actually requested a refund, as consumers on console platforms and EA Origin are left stranded with their embarrassing purchase.

I honestly doubt EA will ever take action to resolve the PR blunder that this petition is slowly building into but it doesn’t exactly bode well for EA or DICE for that matter who seemingly are off in their own safe space dimension far away from customer feedback as they fail to comprehend exactly why they continually seem to fuck things up with faggotry propaganda and slap dash development as EA DICE try desperately to chase current trends.

Though I’m entirely sure that Halo is to blame for all of that, EA DICE’s incompetence only seems to be getting more out of hand following the launch of Battlefield 2042 as its cancerous battle pass “season one” update originally scheduled for an “early 2022” deployment but has subsequently been delayed as the diversity hires try and scrape together their poojeet code in order to resolve just some of the major issues the game still continues to suffer from.

With the petition itself more than likely surpassing the amount of registries than actual players of Battlefield 2042 across all platforms, (( states if the petition were to amass over 300,000 signatures it would become one of the biggest live petitions on its platform. Ouch.

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