RDNA 2 Mobile Starts With A Flop? AMD Radeon RX 6800M To Be Based on Navi 22
20 March 2021
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As you may recall I was endlessly shitting on and laughing at NVIDIA as RTX 3000 series mobile graphics cards surfaced in the wild revealing the RTX 3080 Mobile to be based on GA104 rather than GA102, probably due to power constraints as Ampere is woefully inefficient.

The RTX 3070, also based on GA104 however in comparison to its desktop counterpart it also received a cut in the form of a few missing SM’s.

I don’t even have to mention the whole bullshit scheme regarding NVIDIA having abandoned their Max-Q and Max-P brandings in a last minute decision, instead giving OEM partners a “stern warning” for them to denote their own power limited verities of GPU inside their laptops…. which they didn’t care to listen to.

I get it but at the same time I fucking hate it. Mobile devices are pure shit, shit components for premium prices all because they come with a free fucking TV.

It’s pure bullshit, mobile graphics cards have been getting further and further away from their desktop counterparts, particularly with RTX Ampere as it’s just so damn large AND power hungry too but not only that NVIDIA have gone above and beyond to give the goyim low quality cattle feed by deliberately cucking the specifications of their mobile cards in retrospect to their desktop variants. The RTX 3060 Mobile has MORE SM’s than its desktop variant but only 6 fucking gigabytes of VRAM?

AMD may be facing a crisis of oversaturation when it comes to their TSMC 7nm production which is entirely their own fault but that certainly hasn’t tried to stop them from providing better grade hardware at more affordable price points than their competitors such as NVIDIA.

RDNA 2 (RX 6000) built on the same processing node as RDNA 1 yet manages to stagger over fifty percent better performance-per-watt figures while NVIDIA goes in the opposite direction from Turing. When it comes to efficiency AMD simply cannot be beaten, so it would only make perfect sense form them to swoop in and fucking obliterate NVIDIA’s piss poor attempts at performance mobility products.

 That was until AMD manages to fuck that up as well.

Mobile devices with AMD hardware aren’t popular in the slightest, whether it be due to kickbacks from the Intel corporation for OEMs to use majority of Intel processors in their devices or the fact that AMD Radeon in mobile has been absolutely shit for over a decade now. You’re much more likely to find AMD Ryzen processors in mobile devices than you would say Radeon RX.

However it seems that AMD has taken a page out of NVIDIA’s book when it comes to shafting mobile gaymers if actually true which it probably will be considering the source that the highly anticipated Radeon RX 6800M is actually going to be based on the Navi 22 core, such as the one found in the recently released Radeon RX 6700 XT rather than being based on Navi 21 like its desktop counterpart.

This devastating news comes to us from Komachi who discovered the Radeon RX 6800M in the most recent AMD Adrenalin drivers.

With a device ID of 73D5:C3, the Radeon RX 6800M is all but confirmed to be based on Navi 22 meaning that it will come with 40 CU’s (2560 Stream Processors) which is a far cry from the desktop counterpart of the RX 6800 which contains 60 CU’s (3840 Stream Processors) and it isn’t as if that the Radeon RX 6800 couldn’t be further limited to conform to the standards that’s expected of mobile GPUs either as the desktop variant has a TBP value of 250W.

While obviously not running at maximum tilt as the desktop RX 6700 XT which has a maximum boost frequency of over 2550MHz as it’s pretty clear that the 6800M is sandwiched between it and another 6700 XT denotation.

Though this pretty much confirms the potential of the Radeon RX 6700M being a further cut-down Navi 22 variant similar to a potential 6700/6600 XT desktop GPU while the 6600M and below would most likely be based on the unreleased Navi 23 graphics chip which according to Igor’s LAB whom may I add is an EXTREMELY reliable source of information, provided details about Navi 23 of which AMD are planning multiple power limited variants at 65, 80 and 90W.

With a 128-bit memory interface, Navi 23 will most likely come in configurations of 4GB and 8GB of VRAM.

However not all hope is lost yet as there’s still a window of opportunity for AMD to perhaps slide in Navi 21 on mobile perhaps in the form of a ridiculously named  RX 6850M or certainly a 6900M however with the realization that the 6800M is based on Navi 22 leaves my hopes and dreams in tatters as both NVIDIA and AMD shovel shit into the mobile market.

The performance expected of the RX 6800M is certainly going to be extremely good in comparison with competitors and will probably beat out quite a lot of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 laptops with small margins but with relative ease. I just don’t take an extreme dicking like this lying down.

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