Pyra and Mythra Jiggle Physics Mod Upsets Degenerates of The Smash Community With Bouncing Boobs
8 March 2021
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I just gotta make this clear, would smash.

First of all if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks the most recent addition to the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was none other than that of Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2.

Announced on February 17th and recently added on March 5th, Pyra and Mythra have already created enough controversy to rival their sex appeal.

However the real disappointment about the whole ordeal being how they’ve slaughtered the outfits of Pyra and Mythra in comparison to their original outfits from Xenoblade 2.

It saddens my heart to see them covering up the exposed cleavage of Mythra and the thighs of Pyra though I’d say for certain that it this was done in an attempt to alleviate any potential backlash because they’re some fine ass looking fictional characters and we all know that beautiful women simply are not allowed to exist in this form of media anymore.

With the addition of Pyra and Mythra being met with extremely negative reception from puritan faggots on Twitter.

And of course in typical fashion these degenerates crying over tiddies being bad while also advocating for the sexualization of bare chested male characters obviously display gay flags or their pronouns within their Twitter bio.

Moving onwards, just a day later and a gracious modder who goes by “A Mudkip” has given Pyra and Mythra their most needed addition excluding their original costumes, and that mod would be excessive jiggle physics for their tits of course.

Mudkip posted a video of the mod in action on twitter alongside a download link and was unsurprisingly met with critical reception and distain from the liberal faggot puritans of the Super Smash Bros community.

Because obviously the input from a bunch of liberal LGBT retards with gay flags or pronouns in their bio are to be taken seriously, because boobies bouncing is a serious issue here in the “smash community” because grooming and molesting children is on the same level at this apparently.

Because the smash community is literally plagued with sexual deviants and child predators, what such headlines as:

Nintendo condemns abuse as allegations spread across Smash Bros. community

Over 50 Sexual Misconduct Allegations Have The Super Smash Bros. Community In Turmoil

Smash Players Plead With Each Other To Please, For The Love Of God, Stop Smelling So Bad

Needless to say, the smash community is filled with sexual deviants and child molesters, coincidentally too that it would happen to be the same exact smash players who’ll profess their gay little pronouns on the internet because we all know that LGBT faggots are sexual predators themselves.

I’m actually offended that modders haven’t sooner fixed the horrendous outfits for Pyra and Mythra before giving me bouncing tiddies, rather the real sad part here is how the smash community will try and lynch bouncing boobs while trying to put it on the same level as members of their degenerate community molesting children.

Excuse me for finding it difficult to find the connection between little children being raped and scarred for life and bouncing anime tits.

Because it’s pretty well known at this point that LGBT faggots are crazed sexual predators, and to wrap this up I’d like to share some interesting facts about the LGBT “community”.

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