Proposed Changes to Shekelhertz
14 October 2022

With a title like that you’ve probably got a couple ideas in your head, rest assured for better (or worse) I’m still here, I’m not quitting, at least not voluntarily that is, more rather this post is merely for me to convey to you on how I should approach content specifically.

Recently I’ve poured a lot of my own money into this website, a new theme, a developer to provide the “custom” theme you see now, it’s still early days but I have the mindset of shaping things to suit the viewers I hope to attract and not what I have currently,

Although it’s still a early work in progress I eventually intend to provide a proper and functional means of browsing, viewing and downloading game modifications that have mostly been scrubbed from the net or just because I like them.

But I’ve noticed, quite recently in fact that general day to day visitors have fallen off the face of the earth, in as little as 30 days effective view counts have dropped from 30% to 50% and they’re certainly not getting any better, all of which is probably down to me and my failure to market Shekelhertz anywhere.

Generally speaking the abysmal performance in my eyes is a bitter pill to swallow of just how reality works, never the less it’s demoralizing but I’m not going to kneel over like a little bitch simply because something doesn’t generally go my way.

Which is why I need your input because I’m obviously doing something wrong, or quite obviously I’m just not doing enough, rather than abandon everything and possibly jump ship doing what I do now for somewhere like The Rake, instead I am requesting your thoughts on how I should shape Shekelhertz.


Primarily I deal with the increasingly Judaized media of video games and consumer technology, it’s not everyone’s preference but they’ve always been my comfort zones in terms of relaying content in a way that isn’t incoherent gibberish.

Obviously I want nothing more than to obtain more writers, some staff would be ideal, happening to know several people who cater towards different demographics while sharing similar views on Jews is certainly a bonus but nothing’s to come from that as such people are obviously plagued by work, loss of motivation or simply couldn’t give less of a shit to write squat.

Aside from the general sting knowing that all my acquaintances just don’t give a fuck, it’s down to me and me alone so you’re going to have to bare with that. Meanwhile other websites that are just like this one, for instance The Rake, The Jewish owned (((Daily Stormer))) or if you happen to be from Australia, all of these websites generally deal in one form of content.

Politics, now I fucking hate politics, I merely do what everyone else around me does regarding politics, posting a batshit crazy headline from some kike news organization and simply get pissed over how fucking obvious (((it))) has become.

I generally have no care or compassion for politics, especially Jewish bullshit that doesn’t actually concern my own country, this being American politics which is all anyone seems to care about anyway.

I make no guarantee the authenticity and quality of such articles but am willing to join the rest of the herd so long as that is generally what’s desired.

I for one would rather much stick to gaming, considering I’ve yet to find anyone else that dabbles with what I do since OneAngryGamer fell apart.

I’ve been meaning to branch outwards through videos, with the subjects of games, tech and hardware, it’s generally something I’d personally like to do but haven’t the time to possibly do anything that isn’t rushed garbage simply because I have uphold the flow of content now.

There’s no right or wrong answers, you’re free to select as many individual categories as you wish, I simply want to know exactly what sort of content you believe I should focus more towards.


Shekelhertz, it’s certainly a unique name but is it memorable? I’ll let you be the judge of that, what started as an inside joke has become the staple for everything you see here, but I cannot help but feel that it’s quite abrupt.

What I mean by this is I feel as if the name is too effective at what I’ve tried to achieve, the gatekeeping of unwanted faggots and kikes, while it may not be a good name it’s bold brash and offensive, we’ve been shared across many platforms but at the end of the day I don’t feel as if the name is good enough to create an actual stir simply because of how easy it is to spot.

While a new name, a new identity can be used as a subversive means of garnering interest from individuals who otherwise would never have clicked on a link leading to “Shekelhertz”, that does not mean that I myself will ever change to adhere to “normies” as I gradually “awaken” them to the eyes of Judea, no.

I simply feel as if the name is letting me down in terms of reachability.

Name creation is among the hardest things when establishing anything, and I’m drawing blanks, there’s no such thing as a perfect name especially if it happens to be Kosher but the only sort of names I happen to come up with are the exact opposite of what I wish to achieve.

So I am leaving suggestions for a new names open as well, if I genuinely like something I’ll more than likely move with that or perhaps you may choose to maintain the status quo and keep “Shekelhertz” or possibly go even more rambunctious in pissing off radical Jewish cultists.

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