PR Bullshit – Intel “Wants to Ship Millions of ARC GPU’s to PC Gamers”
30 January 2022
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Intel’s latest act of bullshit PR stunts comes from a reply made by notorious party man, Raja Koduri in response to a totally non advertorial piece by PC Gamer in an “open letter” to Intel regarding how their ARC graphics cards is the last salvation for PC gamers worldwide.

There’s no denying just how cancerous the DIY PC market has become in such a short amount of time, bogus supply “shortages” combined with a global “pandemic” along with such a drastic increase in demand has seen graphics card prices skyrocket uncontrollably.

This has allowed the likes of AMD and NVIDIA to release crocks of shit such as the RTX 3050 and RX 6500 XT, graphics cards with embarrassing specifications and performance for outrageous price tags, much like how the price of gasoline or food has shot up within the same time frame, we’re given the same gist of “inflation” or any other bullshit excuse when really nothing has changed at all and manufacturers are simply walking away with higher profits every single quarter.

Supply and Demand is simple economics, manufacturers and producers are gladly jacking up the prices of the goods they manufacture and consumers are simply gladly buying them by the dozen, we can’t simply continue to blame Cryptocurrency Miners for the insane price tags of GPUs any longer, there’s plenty of GPUs on store shelves nowadays but with massively inflated price tags it’s us dumb consumers who continue to buy them for hundreds of dollars more than MSRP.

The stock of GPUs that miners possess is insurmountable, but if consumers actually left the overpriced trash GPU’s on offer on the store shelves you’ll soon find out that prices would shrink like a fasting fat man.

Now I still maintain the belief that Intel’s ARC graphics cards are going to be woefully underpowered compared to the competition of today, even more considering Intel had delayed its launch until the second half of 2022 which puts it nicely in-between the next generation products from AMD and NVIDIA.

Intel’s Xe DG2 isn’t anything to write home about, while plans and speculative performance figures may have changed drastically from years old insider information, I’m entirely hard-pressed to believe that Intel will have any impact on the market whatsoever.

You’d probably imagine that having a third player in the GPU market might light some kind of fire under the asses of the other two giants, but with a massively Yiddlerd company such as Intel who prioritizes profits above all else you’re in for a rude awakening.

Intel themselves are already working extensively on their own Bitcoin mining ASIC chips which is set to compete with the likes of BITMAIN ASIC units, but probably not competitive in the sense of raw hash rate, more rather Intel is putting an emphasis on efficiency somewhat recouping profitability.

Less we not forget of course the time Raja Koduri mentioned that Intel would NOT be limiting cryptocurrency mining performance with its ARC graphics, simply because the actual gaming performance of ARC is spectacularly underwhelming. Intel’s actual intentions being to take advantages of this gouged market propped up by manufacturer greed and consumer stupidity, while majority of the cut-down SKU’s for DG2 will likely service as “solid” enough alternatives to more mid-range and entry level offerings from AMD and NVIDIA…. from the previous generation but still.

At least Intel’s ARC will allegedly come with greater memory capacity for the most part in comparison to competing products of a given performance bracket, with the full spec DG2 slated to come with 16GB of GDDR6 16Gbps memory as it trickles down to 12GB for the 384 EU variant and 8GB for the 256 EU SKU.

Not because games these days demand greater and greater VRAM capacity for higher resolutions, oh no, this is more or less attributed to how Intel really wants sales particularly to cryptocurrency miners.

For gaymers however it probably won’t stop them from buying up such trash at equally outlandish prices, so of course Intel would love to get ARC into the “homes” or mining rigs of millions, simply because ARC once it finally enters the market will certainly be gouged to oblivion just like the rest of them.

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