Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sell Over 10 Million Copies in Three Days Despite Being Buggy Garbage
1 December 2022
Nintendo Switch pokemon

Furfaggots and manchildren ahoy.

Game Freak has apparently shat out yet another Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch which is rather peculiar considering how the previous game release Pokemon Legends Arceus launched on January 28th this year, and before that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes of the original Diamond and Pearl Nintendo DS titles which released in November 2021.

All of this goes to show that Game Freak are really milking the Pokemon franchise for all that its worth, the Call of Duty of Japan if you will.

And worth it most certainly is, despite Pokemon Legends Arceus being a graphically cucked, neutered Breath of The Wild knock-off, to date the game has managed to sell over 14 million copies worldwide.

The Pokemon franchise continues to be ever popular with children and adult soyim with the mental maturity of a child, the franchise as a whole has fallen off a cliff in terms of quality since the shift towards the Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Let’s Go and subsequent release Sword and Shield.

We can talk all day about things like the Pokemon Sword and Shield Dexit fiasco, additional Pokemon through paid DLC all damn day, regardless of this faggots and soyim alike continue to hype and praise Pokemon games.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launched a couple days ago, and you probably don’t need me to tell you that the game is rubbish, however what I can say is that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are by far the most inclusive and sanitized of the series.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet donning away from characterized gender denominations in favor of “styles”, that that this approach actually makes a difference considering how the main character is still defined by either “him” or “her” by NPCs in-game which is hilarious.

On top of Game Freak trying to don away from gender pronouns like many other games have done so already, this goes in conjunction with the general NPCs of the game being the most ambiguous.

Majority of the NPCs featured in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are disgusting or disfigured, that doesn’t include the various characters with such a neutral design such as Penny (bottom left), which might lead to confusion whether or not the character is male or female.

But at least the game is good right


Which explains why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet hold scores around 2.9 and 3.4 on Metacritic respectively, despite a Grabblerish media score of 74.

But despite all of the bugs, the laziness, Pokemon fans across the globe continue to showcase just how fucking retarded they really are and as a result just how dead the gaming industry is at this stage, as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have managed to almost eclipse the total tales of the previous installment….. by surpassing ten million copies sold in just THREE DAYS.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is now the fastest selling game on the Nintendo Switch console, beating out Pokemon Sword & Shield which had managed to sell six million units in a whole week.

Game development over the past decade has gotten more strenuous with developers simply being more lazy as hardware has improved, where the time constraints of game development have spiraled all the while developers themselves replace competent employees for greenhorned faggots and women, all of this combined equates to games launching in unplayable buggy states.

But nevermind that, never underestimate the power of mentally deranged manchildren when it comes to the Pokemon franchise, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet cementing its legacy for possibly being the worst installment ever to release, but with ten million copies sold in just three days it proves to be the highest launch sale for any Nintendo game ever before.

The goyim continue to eat up this franchise, and I am almost certain that as a result of this record setting volume of sales that Game Freak will be even more audacious and cunning when it come to reusing assets, locking Pokemon behind DLC paywalls, hell if we’re lucky we might even be graced with a gacha mechanic to unlock certain Pokemon.

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