Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Unceremoniously Censored in The West
24 April 2022
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How does it feel knowing that you’ve live long enough to witness your beloved franchises of old being revived onto to be bastardized and censored to fit modern sensibilities?

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is another series given a rather spontaneous revival, and yet another “remake” video game that goes straight onto the chopping block of woke progressive bullshit.

Pocky & Rocky, originally an arcade title in Japan made by renowned arcade maestro Taito, who then licensed the franchise over to Natsume resulting in a rather obscure home release on the Super Nintendo Entertain System, enough to warrant a sequel a couple years after release. Needless to say that by today’s standards Pocky & Rocky does somewhat have a bit of a cult following.

And it’s these cult followings of old media that are absolutely ripe for the Grabblerish pickings of series revivals and remakes with “Pocky & Rocky Reshrined” being a supposed “sequel” of the original scroll shooter classic that released 30 years ago.

But of course, times have changed over the last thirty years, with gayming being the most popular it has even been the entire genre has been flooded with woke sensitive faggots who’ll simply screech the moment something suggestive or mildly offensive is shown on screen, such as feminine women or perhaps anything implying heterosexuality.

But nothing really infuriates me more than having a game simply dug up from the archives only to be bastardized and censored for western release. Because a game such as Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is almost guaranteed to sell based on nostalgia alone or even for those like myself who’ve never actually heard of the obscure gem.

Though of course it was probably quite obvious to assume that in one way or another that it would be censored, with developers Tengo Project not just reducing but covering up any sex appeal such as the cleavage of Ame-no-Uzume which can be seen being altered between the Japanese and Western localized reveal trailers.

Naturally if Pocky & Rocky Reshrined appeared to be censored from its reveal trailer that would certainly be a sign of things to come, with the remaster now officially out in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and Soyny PlayStation 4, western audiences will have to wait until the end of June before they can get their hands on the bastardized version.

Despite the fact that even the Japanese release has an option in-game for the English language.

(((Amazog))) listings of the western localized release of Pocky & Rocky Reshrined can be found for the PS4 and NSW that depict that the censorship far extends into in-game cutscenes as well from screenshots of localized listings.

Western Censorship

In the Western localized version, the character portrait of Ame-no-Uzume has been altered compared to the Japanese release, with the characters cleavage being reduced extensively, as opposed to her generous cup size as seen in her actual in-game pixelated sprite form which seemingly remains unmodified.

Japanese Release (with ENG option)

As opposed to the portrait of Ame-no-Uzume in the Japanese version which features more suggestive details such as bigger breasts and of course exposed cleavage.

Puritan bullshit like this is hilariously ridiculous, but then again if the modern gaymer were to gaze upon such anything remotely suggestive that isn’t abhorrent lesbo-dyke smut they’d most certainly band together attempting to cancel culture whatever it may be into oblivion.

Not to say you aught to play Pocky & Rocky seeking “boner culture” material, Tengo Project have absolutely butchered the revival of the franchise with barbaric woke pandering for western audiences, brining back classic titles for no reason than to interject their own bullshit by censoring anything that has a remote depiction of female sexuality.

Who’s to say that the censorship wouldn’t just stop at covering up Ame-no-Uzume’s breasts? There’s a great chance that the western release will feature butchered localized dialogue that pushes the same (((agenda))) as well.

Likewise, if you were considering purchasing Pocky & Rocky Reshrined you’re much better off morally to simply pirate the Japanese version on the Nintendo Switch, or if you’re simply overwhelmed to coomsoom, purchase the Japanese version instead.

[iframe src=”https://nsw2u.xyz/pocky-rocky-black-cloak-mystery-switch-nsp” width=”100%” height=”620″]

But obviously, Tengo Project doesn’t deserve your money, they are just dangling the carrot of nostalgia right in front of helpless consumers who will undoubtedly purchase the localized version simply for the sake of reliving the past or to “enjoy” a butchered release of a game from a bygone era.

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