PlayStation 4 User Banned from PSN for Uploading Guilty Gear -Strive- In-Game Screenshots
3 April 2022
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Peak Soyny.

We’re well aware of the fact that Sony has a personal vendetta against not only Japan as a country but the Japanese as a whole, be it consumers or especially developers.

Sony have gone out of their way into censoring Japanese video game developers for globalist purposes because any sort of “anime” esk content be it of a “sexual” nature or not is simply frowned upon by the fine faggots of California.

But it would appear that Sony have taken their woke crusade a bit too far having temporarily banned one PlayStation 4 user for using their system’s SHARE functionality to capture an in-game screenshot of Guilty Gear -Strive- and subsequently getting a ban for uploading “sexual content”.

Twitter user “ippoxbox360” used their system’s own capability to share an in-game screenshot to twitter, with the hashtag of “PS4share”. This is a built in feature with the console, and on the following day ippoxbox360 shared a message he had received by Sony for allegedly violating specific rules on sharing content of a “sexual nature”.

The culprit in question would be Baiken and her huge knockers, but let’s not deter away from the fact that someone have quite legitimately been suspended from the PlaugeStation Network for uploading an in-game screenshot of a game sold and released on the device.

Because when a screenshot or game capture is recorded on the system and shared on social media platforms it’s also simultaneously posted across Soyny’s own social platform featured in-console which could very well be the issue granted that Soyny is trying to pander towards consoomer faggots across the globe, any ounce of femininity or god forbid cleavage is looked upon with disgust.

Though it’s quite amusing to see another twitter user point out Sony’s own hypocrisy for the sex-filled lesbo-fest that is TLOU2, because western subversive smut is acceptable, just nothing for the straight male of course.

But this is now the world we live in, console faggots who gladly spend upwards of $100 annually just to access online functionality are not just being stepped on but more rather physically abused who’ll gladly suspend if not outright ban you for wrong think, because remember the party chat functionality can be recorded and used against you now.

But even something as mundane as sharing in-game content across social platforms is also enough to warrant a suspension, the console itself is a live service, to play online is a live service and all can be taken away from you in a heart beat.

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