Peasantry on The Go – NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 3050 & 3050 Ti Graphics Cards for Mobile – RTX 3050 Laptops Starting at $799
13 May 2021
3050 3050 TI GeForce GTX 1650 TI LAPTOP GPU MAX-P MAX-Q mobile Nvidia rtx

The time is now. If you honestly believed that NVIDIA’s mobility range of GeForce RTX 3000 series GPUs wasn’t bad enough as it is when compared to their desktop counterparts well you’d be glad to hear that NVIDIA have finally heard your tales of woe by deciding now of all times to announce its entry level GPUs into the RTX family for mobile devices first and foremost because peasanty certainly doesn’t come cheap for them.

Similarly to the recently released RTX 3060 it would appear that the mobile crowd will get their hands on the GeForce RTX 3050 / Ti before actual PC gamers ensuring that NVIDIA’s priorities are towards that of products with higher profit margins. That aside the RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti also mark the very first instance of an X50 SKU graphics card under the RTX label and for that matter consisting of the gimmicks commonly familiar with RTX graphics cards such as Ray Tracing and the cancerous DLSS.

Though as we’ve previously seen with how NVIDIA initially presented the GeForce RTX 3060 in comparison with its previous generation counterparts with an emphasis on utilizing Ray Tracing combined with DLSS at the abysmal resolution of 1080p and yet it still couldn’t actually muster competent performance.

To put it bluntly when it comes to utilizing the RTX portion of the RTX 3060 it’s completely and utterly hopeless, now imagine if we were bold enough to try the same tricks with these more barebones RTX 3050 / Ti graphics cards you’re going to be dealing with horrific performance, and that’s a fact.

Thankfully NVIDIA have already provided a marketing showcase of the RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU in action with DLSS at 1080p.

As far as proper specifications go we don’t actually have any official word but given how we’ve already seen hints and glimpses at these X50 graphics cards we already know they’re based on the yet unrevealed GA107 core in which case we’ll probably see something esk of the RTX 3050 Ti coming in with 2560 CUDA cores and the RTX 3050 offering just 2048, paired with most likely a 128-bit memory interface with a miniscule amount of GDDR6 memory the power that it’ll consume will undoubtedly be in retrospect of the sort of power you can expect these graphics cards to make.

However as things stand by NVIDIA’s own marketing department at least the RTX 3050 Ti provides a solid benefit over the likes of a GTX 1650  Ti at least when it comes to titles like Call of Duty Warzone and the recently forgettable title Outriders. With projected increases at 1080p Medium of 55% between the 3050 Ti and the 1650 Ti in COD: Warzone and 25% in Outriders it would appear that the RTX 3050 Ti would provide a moderate experience for the entry level gamer.

We can’t exclude the cancerous and confusing Max-Q dilemma left abandoned by NVIDIA in which case both the RTX 3050 and Ti have variable TDP values that range from 35W all the way up to 80 watts which is actually more so than the most limiting Max-Q variants of the RTX 3060 and the like so relative performance will once again vary from laptop to laptop.

When comparing worthless DLSS + RTX figures it proves to be futile because typical GTX graphics cards simply cannot support it however without the assistance of a DLSS crutch you’re able to see clear as day just how bad the performance actually is when enabling RTX features on such powerless graphics cards with performance being well under 60 frames a second.

Mobile devices containing the RTX 3050 will supposedly start from $799 however if this is anything like any other GeForce branded product released this generation it would be highly likely that such a claim is almost completely bullshit. However it does feel nice when marketed as such, marking the RTX 3050 at least as a means of brining RTX and all of its cancerous regressive features towards a more mainstream audience which I honestly couldn’t complain about because the types of folks who’ll go out of their way to buy such mundane entry level GeForce products honestly have no expectations of there being alternatives worthwhile with the company being the best gosh darn thing on the entire planet.

The Ultimate Play continues and NVIDIA simply can do no wrong.

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