(((PayPal))) Grabblers Syphon Remaining “LIP! Lewd Idol Project” Crowdfunding from Toffer Team
14 January 2022
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A sad yet expected conclusion to the Toffer Team saga.

If you’re unfamiliar with the subject back in early July 2021, a western eroge developer who goes by Toffer Team announced that PayPal had locked their crowdfunding for their then recently recent game “LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1”

Over $35,000 dollars were stolen by the biggest kike payment processor due to deeming Toffer Team as being a “sexual service”, though PayPal have been abruptly deplatforming individuals long since prior for being “right wing or problematic individuals”.

However after a long and arduous 6 month ordeal something has finally come from PayPal freezing Toffer Team’s account, with PayPal deciding the best course of action would be to simply take the money for themselves.

Such an outcome is devastating to hear for anyone, especially small developer groups who seemingly depend upon crowdfunding for future releases, it should be said of course that it wasn’t actually Toffer Team’s money that was (((stolen))) but more rather the money they’ve raised through crowdfunding campaigns on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Due to PayPal deeming Toffer Team a “sexual service” while actual whores are happily paraded around the middle-east, they’ve prevented Toffer Team from accessing funding from devoted fans who’ve pledged their own money towards them and future projects, their money has collectively gone straight into the toilet as it has all been plucked away by corporate kike greed.

Though thankfully this revelation in why PayPal should be avoided at all costs hasn’t deterred Toffer Team moving forward who pass the thought of constructing an additional campaign for future installments of LIP! Lewd Idol Project though this time around I’m sure any future crowdfunding attemps made by the folks at Toffer will go much more smoothly without PayPal.

Sadly however there’s not much in the way of alternatives to banks or payment processors such as PayPal, with platforms such as Hatreon sparking out of pure necessity and abruptly having its plug pulled as corporations such as VISA suspended services with the alleged “right-wing payment platform”.

Now of course since we can’t evade corporations like VISA or MasterCard the only other solution that remains is for someone to start their own bank, but of course the kikes find a way to crush that as well if the Jewish plot of Muammar Gaddafi’s demise is anything to go by.

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