(((PayPal))) Can Now Take $2,500 From User Accounts For Promoting “Misinformation” With Latest Policy Update
8 October 2022
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October 9th Update:

PayPal has apparently backtracked on its plan to swipe $2500 from users for spreading misinformation following a report from the Daily Wire, however of course the payment processor can and will help itself to $2500 if not outright terminating your account so long as you’re either racist, anti-semitic or partake in wrong think anyway.

Original Article:

You will own nothing, but at least you won’t be racist.

The world’s most infamous online payment processor, PayPal have updated their user policy, nothing out of the ordinary, companies do this sort of thing all the time however nobody ever actually reads these policy updates where corporations get more and more invasive as time goes by.

In the latest update to PayPal’s policy, PayPal can now “sanction” individual users, what does this mean exactly? Much like how PayPal has helped themselves to the money of several individuals in the past as they were “right wing conspiracy theorists”, and just like how PayPal helped themselves to $35,000 from Toffer Team’s own account.

PayPal have a longstanding history for ransacking and eventually cancelling the accounts of conservatives or just about anyone who hasn’t conformed to the current narrative, such as having annexed three PayPal accounts linked to a “Toby Young”, who runs a (((non-profit))) organization called “Free Speech Union”.

PayPal can now help themselves to $2500 of a users own PayPal balance if they have been deemed to have been purporting “misinformation”.

Communism is back on the menu folks, though of course PayPal are quick to dub this as a good thing as to prevent risks to a users “wellbeing” as the company looks to include “misinformation” in its list of restricted activities.

PayPal dub the $2,500 fine as being adequate payment for “damages” sustained as the payment processor has to apparently “track” individual violators alongside suffering “reputational risks”.

Of course nothing will ever come from this, it’ll progressively get worse as we slowly but surely move towards the communistical utopia featuring a social crediting system where any and all forms of wrong think will have serious repercussions to your everyday livelihood and bank balance.

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