OVERPRICED TUR(d)ING – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 12GB is Official – Online Listings Retailing Over 600 EURO – Tailored for Cryptocurrency Mining
8 December 2021


In a follow up to the aforementioned RTX 2060 12GB or rather what’s turned out to be an RTX 2060 Super in disguised with a cucked memory bus, the RTX 2060 12GB is official as of today and already it’s stirring up some shit.

With several AIB partners announcing the re-introduction of the RTX Turing graphics card almost four years later, however the problem doesn’t necessarily just end with the GPU itself or its specifications but more rather the problem lies with the price tag.

Performance wise it’s expected that this RTX 2060 12GB would be rather slow in this day and age especially, despite offering 12GB of GDDR6 memory and 2176 CUDA cores it’s rather let down with its 192-bit memory interface that it shares with the standard RTX 2060. This has a dramatic effect on memory bandwidth as the RTX 2060 Super offered a 256-bit memory bus.

Much like today with Ampere, NVIDIA is dead set on releasing or re-releasing shit to bridge non-existent performance gaps where you’ll now find the RTX 2060 / 12GB and Super within such a small performance margin.

NVIDIA will not be producing any Founder’s Edition variants of the RTX 2060 12GB which explains why the graphics card was necessary to launch behind closed doors in utter silence.

The prices of graphics cards have continued to get out of hand leaving consumers with no other option than pay nearly double the price of slated MSRP price tags for everything from the RTX 3060 all the way to the RTX 3090, the plan to re-release last years trash at affordable prices would be a quick and easy get rich scheme from NVIDIA and it certainly shows with the cucked memory interface with Jensen Huang’s hubris knowing no bounds.

However retail pricing of the RTX 2060 12GB is already shown to be completely barbaric right from the get-go with Twitter users momomo_us and davideneco25320 showcasing European listings of several RTX 2060 12GB graphics cards starting from 649 EURO / 731 USD.

How does it feel exactly to be buying nearly four year old hardware with inferior capabilities for at least a 62.5% markup? It’ll probably take you awhile to recover from the mental anguish and physical ass pounding that NVIDIA has given you with this godawful piece of shit.

Needless to say, NVIDIA doesn’t feel the need to push AIB partners in giving away RTX 2060 12GB graphics cards to reviewers and influencers, probably because they know just how much of a POS it truly is, what was originally pipped to be what helps alleviate GPU availability for prior generation gaymers to “upgrade” (to four year old garbage) has quite literally turned into a massive money milking operation.

Because I think we all know where a graphics card such as this will probably end up…. cryptocurrency mining.

Starting from 649 EURO, the RTX 2060 12GB is tragically the cheapest “entry level” GPU released this generation….. albeit barely but it’s the cheapest nonetheless and of course its actual mining hash rate would be deemed to be much more adequate at mining Ethereum than the RTX 3060 or Radeon RX 6600 XT according to PCMarket.

Mining Ethereum is where this pile of dog shit really shines, eclipsing the RTX 3060 with a 42% increase in hash rate capabilities and therefore profitability. That’s right, the GPU that has been touted as being the savior of gayming has turned into yet another graphics card for retailers to scalp and that only miners would buy.

Because not only does the RTX 2060 12GB exceed the performance of modern counterparts but it’s also highly more efficient, therefore retaining the previous statement of increased profitability.

NVIDIA is truly a company to despise, as it continues to pull bullshit like this to not just dominate the market but also to maintain inflating the bubble that is their stock prices with favorable quarterly results time and time again.

With NVIDIA pushing out a massive log of Turing in 2021 / 2022 targeting cryptocurrency miners, will there actually be any hope for potential gaymers to get their hands on say an RTX 3060 / Ti graphics card in the near future? With how this global plannedemic is at the moment I highly doubt that even if all the miners rush to buy the RTX 2060 12GB.

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