Open Source Node-IPC Purposefully Infected With Malware – Targeting Russian IP’s and Deleting System Files
18 March 2022
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When it comes to open-source software quite literally every single thing is probably managed if not at least developed by progressive liberal faggots. From the Linux OS community previously ousting the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds for a short period of time anyway.

Faggots are harmful enough as it is, especially when your children are being preyed upon by not just faggots but also Grabblerish educational systems who insist on implanting gay sentiment, tolerance and acceptance into the minds of children.

But what exactly happens when you’ve got progressive liberal faggots developing software and utilities? You get probably the most hilarious thing ever that’s downright evil.

Node-ipc is a extremely popular vue.js frontend JavaScript framework, with the npn package receiving over a million downloads each and every week it’s popular to say the least, however something has gone awry with Node-ipc entirely.

Because it seems the liberal faggot developer of Node-ipc thought it would be acceptable and appropriate to infect their own package with malware in recent updates, with the now malicious node-ipc package targeting node-ipc users with either Russian or Belarusian IP Addresses and replacing all files with a heart emoji.

This malicious “peacenotwar” package was written and published by npm maintainer, Brandon Nozaki Miller.

This is Brandon Nozaki Miller, who may also go by other bullshit identities such as “RIAEvangelist”, from the mere looks of him he is a bonified faggot.

Naturally when it comes to progressive libtards, betrayal of trust and abuse of power as they are high off their own authority is just par for the course for them. A true staple of SJW’s.

And much like liberal faggots eating their own, it would seem that node-ipc has only really impacted those doing actual diligent services.

Node-ipc has been purposefully sabotaged with malware with the goal of “protesting” the bullshit Yiddlerd conflict between Russia and Ukraine with a “peacenotwar” module being added to the node-ipc package.

So, a progressive libtard developer inserted malware into their free open source software, looks at the geolocation of the IP address of the machine you run it on, and if it’s either Russian or Belarusian it wipes all of your files.

Unbelievable, but unlike the holocaust this actually happened. Evil undoubtedly eats its own kind and that is not an exception today, with one individual in particular on behalf of an American Non-Governmental Organization voicing their experience with the “peaceful” package embedded inside node-ipc by Brandon Miller.

And according to “bdsmith72” this particular American NGO affected by node-ipc’s malicious intentions allegedly monitors human rights infringements across post soviet states, with servers established inside the aforementioned countries as to not raise red flags given the nature of online censorship in such particular states.

The “protest” laced node-ipc module had been executed following an update resulting in over 30,000 messages and files simply being erased forever.

For the proud liberal employees at this American NGO, they are absolutely gutted by the actions of their own kind, and hopefully they do proceed with filing criminal charges for this clear sabotage of software.

But if there’s anything to take away from this entire situation is that it is fucking hilarious.

[Thanks for the news tip, filthy commie bastard.]

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