NVIDIA’s New Marketing Strategy – NVIDIA Hilariously Critiques AMD Radeon Drivers as Being “Sub-Par”
27 April 2022

When in doubt, screech and clout.

NVIDIA has gone for a rather unique new marketing strategy, with their approach being to openly critique the products and software of competing venders as they prop themselves up on a pedestal.

It’s fairly apparent that NVIDIA feel somewhat threatened from increased competitiveness in the DIY PC market place from the likes of AMD for the company to fall to such lows as Intel-esk pot shots in regards to Ryzen’s “glue” structure.

NVIDIA are coming out of the woodwork to prop up regarding their “superior” NVIDIA GeForce drivers regarding the amount of “Game Ready” drivers released, WHQL certification and the amount of games they support.

WHQL or Windows Hardware Quality Labs is merely a “verification” signature which NVIDIA is certainly dependent on you knowing just how many drivers they unleash being “WHQL” certified. Considering how their main competitor, AMD doesn’t often release “WHQL” certified drivers.

Only once all this work is completed do we launch the driver via GeForce.com and GeForce Experience. And because the Game Ready Driver Program and our promise of quality relies on all of this work, we don’t release sub-par beta drivers with minimal testing, let alone multiple conflicting beta drivers forked from different development branches that support different games and products, which confuse customers.

An obvious jab towards AMD

Some would suggest that WHQL certification actually means something, whether it be reliability or stability, NVIDIA are happy to mention that conduct over 1000 tests daily and over 1.8 million hours testing drivers in 2021.

In essence WHQL certification is entirely meaningless considering throughout history both major companies have unleashed sub-par or outright broken “stable” drivers, be it outright killing GTX 400/500 series graphics cards due to its fan outright stopping entirely, BSODs or other malicious atrocities.

Though I’m sure those who use a Linux based distribution would be all that appreciative of the proprietary nature of NVIDIA’s drivers, the company may boast regarding how “stable” they may seem, not quite as stable as NVIDIA’s lack of enforcement when it comes to Furmark’s power limitation of course, NVIDIA remains the only one whose proprietary source codes have been breached by cyber criminals.

NVIDIA also proclaims that their Game Ready Drivers support over 400 individual titles, last year alone NVIDIA released 25 different GeForce driver updates adding support for 75 new titles across the year, which is all well and truly good but doesn’t deter from the fact that once an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is declared EOL (end of life) by the following generational release, it’s performance in newer titles or “support” if you will falls off a steep cliff.

But at this point that’s merely just nitpicking, much as it is to mention how NVIDIA’s driver utility software, GeForce Experience is quite possibly the most anti-consumer invasive pile of garbage to ever grace the personal computer.

GeForce Experience, essentially the requirement to utilize key features such as ShadowPlay, Performance monitoring and overlaying among other things, to use GeForce Experience however requires an individual to make an NVIDIA account, or login with their Google or Facebook accounts instead.

By comparison to use AMD’s own equivalent software utility, you just install / update to the latest driver and it runs. How utilitarian is that?

Suffice to say the term “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” is really taken to extreme lengths by NVIDIA as the user interface of their Control Panel is severely outdated as it still harbors the aesthetics of Windows 98.

NVIDIA GeForce Drivers essentially boil down to a decades old Control Panel along with an invasive utilitarian software that requires third party login identification in order to utilize, but that isn’t to say a more modern approach would be ideal, granted that most NVIDIA customers are more than likely tech illiterates if NVIDIA were to simply unleash a dramatic overhaul as AMD have done with their Adrenalin suite I’m sure consumers would probably be livid as they relearn how to navigate their utilities.

NVIDIA seemingly reverts to type when it comes to taking marketing shots directed towards its competitors when under pressure from competition of which if you are to say that NVIDIA isn’t feeling the heat from AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 series you’re either blind or just outright retarded.

It’s quite understandable that throughout history both NVIDIA and AMD have had a checkered history with spotless driver updates…. or Intel who has a history of providing NO driver updates, for NVIDIA who seemingly is stuck in the early 2000’s to critique the likes of AMD who seemingly strive for innovation…. or perhaps useless abilities like a web browser within Adrenalin is just fucking heresy.

Especially in regards to presumed rumors and bullshit that’s being spouted in regards to the next generation of AMD Radeon graphics cards, NVIDIA is under a lot of pressure at the moment and most likely over the coming generation, so NVIDIA seemingly have to assert themselves as market leaders through mind share and manipulative marketing practices.

Which is certainly a good thing for consumers if the massive green giant starts to take notice of its competition once again.

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