NVIDIA’s CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) Scam – CMP 30HX Listed on UAE Retailer – GTX 1660 Super Rebrand For Just $723 USD
18 March 2021

Return on Investment?

Not if you’re buying NVIDIA’s CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processors) that’s for damn sure with the first retail listing being discovered of the 30HX mining processor.

As you may or may not know last month NVIDIA announced the introduction of their “CMP HX” series which are dedicated mining hardware utilizing shit binned cores along with rebranded trash to be repackaged and sold at a hefty premium for the soul purpose of maximum milking.

Now NVIDIA is no stranger to having repurposed graphics cards for mining as they’ve already been under the spotlight having sold over $175 Million dollars worth of RTX Ampere products directly to miners.

With AIB partners having previously taken a massive interest selling mining hardware based on GP106 and GP104 silicon which saw a dramatic oversupply of graphics cards resulting in perfectly fine GP104 cores being artificially segmented and sold as a GTX 1060,

At first people seemed to believe that NVIDIA would be repackaging Ampere cores for the CMP HX series from top to bottom, until it was discovered that the 30HX for instance is actually based on the TU116 core, and is more in lines with the likes of a GTX 1660 Super. Along with the 40HX being based on TU106 silicon which would make it either an RTX 2060 Super or an RTX 2070.

Last year’s trash is next year’s scheme according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang who has seemingly killed the entire PC gaming marketspace in the span of two generations with ridiculous price hikes starting since the introduction of RTX Turing.

With a slated release window set for Q1 for the 30HX and 40HX it makes no surprise now that we’d start to see retail listings pop up regarding these garbage products.

And we already have our first victim which is the 30HX or as I’d rather like to call it, castrated Turing. Listed on Microless, a UAE based retailer outlet we see a PALIT CMP 30HX being sold for the low sum of 2,656.50 AED or when converted it equates to $723.

The 30HX or rather 1660 Super originally released back on October 29th 2019 with an MSRP of just $229, it features just 1408 CUDA cores paired with 6GB of GDDR6 memory rated at 14 Gbps on a 192-bit memory interface. Needless to say when the card was new it honestly wasn’t worth mentioning considering it was essentially castrated Turing trash with none of the “RTX” gimmicks with the NVENC of Volta glued onto it.

Explains why its mining performance is so damn woeful at best too as the 30HX is advertised as providing just only 26 MH/s when mining Ethereum which by today’s standards is borderline an embarrassment, ESPECIALLY for over $700.

Optimized for mining performance and efficiency my ass considering you’d be better off having bought one of the million 8GB Polaris graphics cards that pretty much provide identical and superior hash rates while probably consuming the same amount of power.

Now like all typical mining hardware as seen over the years the resale value is completely shot considering these graphics cards are designed to be as cheap to produce as possible with repackaged cooler designs, because for all intents and purposes this Palit CMP 30HX is pretty much reuses the same cooler from their GTX 1660 Super “GamingPro OC” and yet with all other mining oriented products they’ll come packaged in an empty box with extremely limited warranty durations.

I don’t think I really need to mention that these mining cards do not come with a display connector of any kind.

I do understand it though that these sorts of retailers are literally gouging everything and anything but paying $723 for gimped trash from last generation that can’t even mine is beyond a joke, you’d be looking at least 8+ months of constant mining to recoup your investment and considering that the CMP 30HX only produces 26 MH/s Ethereum would probably be Proof of Stake by then anyway so the card is effectively worthless before you’d even make your money back at that price.

With both the CMP 30HX and 40HX being rebranded trash from last generation’s lineup even before release both of these cards are already obsolete considering that Turing couldn’t mine from the very beginning anyway. What with NVIDIA having totally “accidentally” releasing a BETA insider driver that removes the ETH mining restriction on the RTX 3060 which could then produce well over 40 MH/s easily. And even if you’re having to pay $450+ for gouged sLow-end garbage hardware you’d be better off mining on an RTX 3060 than you would a 1660 Super or most likely the 2060 Super (which is the superior graphics card).

I don’t think I even have to mention the Radeon RX 5700 XT which before this whole cancerous mining craze was found for the same price or less than an RTX 2060 Super and easily wipes both the 3060 and the 2060S off the face off the earth when it comes to gaming performance especially and most certainly mining with the 5700 XT providing over 50 MH/s out of the box.

The GeForce RTX 3060 is still a shit GPU no matter how you look at it but paying $700+ for a GTX 1660 Super certainly goes to show just how retarded NVIDIA honestly believes cryptocurrency miners actually are because NVIDIA’s CMP HX series is one massive scam.

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