NVIDIA’s CES 2022 Presentation is Not Only An Embarrassment But Insulting
5 January 2022
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NVIDIA’s care or consideration for its customers, like its garbage range of RTX 3000 series of graphics cards are OUT OF STOCK.

Can you imagine that majority of people who tune into these garbage CES (Consumer Electronics Show) presentations are probably gamers? It’s an interesting theory, I know. The thought that gamers tune in to watch these CES keynotes from companies such as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA? Preposterous.

At least in the eyes of NVIDIA that is who seemingly don’t give two shits about its actual customer base during its CES 2022 presentation as like always they’re more occupied to showcase barbaric bullshit such as self driving cars, deep learning and 3D bullshit.

NVIDIA’s presentation this year starts off with a snooze fest of cancerous bullshit to kick the new year off with a showcase of gay games and the hilarious fallacy that the PC has “more gamers than ever”, or is that more miners than ever? Who knows.

Because it isn’t exciting unless of course NVIDIA divulge into the “amazing” cloud gaming experience by showcasing GeForce NOW, with over 1100 titles. Cloud Gaymers can now enjoy the high latency experience with the GeForce RTX 3080 levels of performance, I was under the impression that NVIDIA were doing back alley deals selling cards to miners but I guess they were just hoarding them all for themselves the entire time.

With Ray Tracing and DLSS making its way onto GeForce NOW as well, just in case you weren’t actually able to buy a graphics card this generation, NVIDIA has your back because now you can experience none of the wonders while on the go.

The presentation then moves onto a few announcements for further DLSS + RTX supported titles such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Escape from Tarkov and the unreleased Dying Light 2.

Skimming forward we’re given our first actual announcement…. the RTX 3050 packing in moderate performance improvements over previous generation GTX 1650 and 1050 / Ti models.

That of course is obscured by the fact that NVIDIA seemingly love to showcase their RTX graphics cards in comparison with GTX models with RT + DLSS enabled blasting performance of the entry level RTX forward significantly.

So, for an actual gauge at performance figures, you’re going to have to wait for actual reviews on this one, with a slated MSRP of just $249, the RTX 3050 is an entry into the soon to be defunct Ampere architecture considering RTX 2060 graphics cards are being gouged for well over double the MSRP of the 3050.

The RTX 3050 packs 8GB of GDDR6 memory, 2560 CUDA Cores with a 128-bit memory interface for a rather hungry 130W TDP all things considered in comparison to the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series.

You know what’s better than entry level trash for ridiculous prices? 3D workloads of course.

NVIDIA kills what little excitement was had upon the reveal of the RTX 3050 with the presentation moving onto NVIDIA Studio bullshit.

Enhancing your SFM pornography…. probably.

The presentation takes a turn for worse as we move onto the Mobile segment which is more popular than ever, with the introduction of various “Ti” mobile SKU’s for laptops.

With NVIDIA announcing the RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti “Laptop GPUs” providing increased performance for BGA sadists alike, alleged specifications of the RTX 3080 Ti Mobile is that it’ll come with 7424 CUDA Cores as opposed to the GA104 based RTX 3080 Laptop GPU which offers just 6144 CUDA Cores, so there’s actually a substantial improvement to be made here.

Not so much for the RTX 3070 Ti Mobile I’m afraid, with just 5888 CUDA Cores, just 768 more than the standard RTX 3070 mobile, it’s more or less wedged between the RTX 3070 and 3080 Mobile solutions, much like its desktop counterpart it’s a worthless bridge to a minimal performance gap.

When it comes to NVIDIA there’s only one specific customer in mind, the retard with deeper pockets than brains, these are the kinds of people who’ll gladly go out of their way to buy the top range RTX 3090 series of graphics card or equivalent, because the people that typically buy these sorts of graphics cards have severe self-esteem issues to the point that they value themselves and their lives based on mundane possessions of plastic and silicon.

The RTX 3090 is the fastest or one of the fastest “consumer” graphics cards on the market, depending on the application however of course NVIDIA absolutely loves to pull the rug from beneath flagship owners by launching a Ti or Black series graphics card out of the blue offering minimal performance uplifts right before they usher in the next generation.

They do this because the typical flashship buyer would be deeply outraged and will more than certainly have to go and buy whatever it is that NVIDIA shat out, this time around they’ve done their magic yet again with the introduction of the RTX 3090 Ti.

A worthless graphics card that offers next to nothing over the standard one, for no obvious reasons than simply because they can…. and to make even more money of course.

In which case the RTX 3090 Ti offers a whole 2 additional SM’s over the standard RTX 3090, providing 10752 CUDA Cores vs. 10496. A draw dropping 2.43% improvement, but given NVIDIA’s lucrative meaning of what defines a “CUDA Core” the actual performance improvements to be had from such a small bump is about half that in percentage terms.

Which of course is why the RTX 3090 Ti is kept afloat…. and relevant by its 21Gbps GDDR6X memory as opposed to the DOWNCLOCKED 19.5Gbps found on the non-Ti model, where the 3090 Ti provides a 7.69% improvement to memory bandwidth at 1008 GB/s effectively.

The GDDR6X memory on these GA102 based graphics cards run hotter than the sun, it’s a well known fact made even more obvious to the point where if the TJunction of your memory chips are below say ~110C you’ve got yourself an absolute gem.

High memory temperatures are made all the more obvious however given that the RTX 3090 Ti comes with a whopping 450W TDP, a whole 100 watts more than the standard, a 28.57% hike in power requirements…. all for 2 measly SM’s and a miniscule bump in memory frequencies.

This is one HOT turd.

Yet thankfully we don’t know exactly how expensive such a turd it will be because NVIDIA haven’t given out a bogus MSRP figure for the RTX 3090 Ti during the presentation so I’m just going to throw an arbitrary figure out there of probably ~3800 USD in an actual retail scenario.

You know what else is missing from the presentation? Performance figures, probably because you can expect to see the RTX 3090 Ti perform probably less than 5% better on NVIDIA’s cherry picked titles than the standard 3090.

No performance figures and no pricing, and yet I can already tell that the RTX 3090 Ti is going to be the biggest joke of not only 2022 but the entire RTX 3000 series as well.

Now then, to cool off the rush of estrogen filled gayming trash the NVIDIA presentation then shifts towards a rather feminine speaking faggot merchant to talk about the wonders of the auto(nomous)mobile.

Because artificial intelligence and surveillance technologies are an Israeli specialty, with yet another presentation of self driving cars in a nigger certified Mercedes Benz S-Class.

With NVIDIA announcing that it has several different car manufacturers utilizing the NVIDIA Drive autonomous platform such as the now Chinese owned Volvo or “Polestar” branding, followed by additional Chinese manufacturers such as NIO.

And various other chink shit automobiles from companies neither you or I have ever heard of before. XPENG Motors, Li Auto, R Auto and IM Motors.

Simply amazing, Tesla kicked NVIDIA to the curb in favor of AMD and now NVIDIA has secured the rights to various electronic car manufacturers either located or owned by the Chinese. Hooray for communism.

Ali Kani then goes on to highlight the complexity of developing self driving solutions with various stages of data center requirements harnessing the power of literally tens of thousands of GPUs.

For The Gamers.

With top of the line data centers needing upwards of 25,000 GPUs to develop their very own self driving AI system, however the most bizarre and retarded addition to NVIDIA’s array of self driving cancer is best saved for last with NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge.

Because it’s never enough for the goyim that they can one day hope to have a self driving car, but more rather they need additional conversational AI crammed down their throats.

Time marked for your convenience.

Say hello to the future of autonomous driving with NVIDIA.

This conversational AI is pitted to benefit the self driving experience during a poorly rendered demonstration, theoretically you’re now able to converse with your Israeli designed autonomous vehicle, setting destinations and having messages relayed with ease.

And that about sums up their entire CES 2022 presentation, with bullshit product announcements that bend over existing customers and a bunch of self driving fellatio nonsense.

There’s hardly much of any actual products of note during the entire keynote, unlike AMD who could hardly contain its product announcements left and right, with what little NVIDIA have announced the products themselves are even more deceptive and a much larger embarrassment.

NVIDIA’s CES 2022 conference is not only a boring, bland embarrassment but it also manages to royally fuck over loyal GeForce Goyim customers by announcing the rubbish RTX 3090 Ti for maximum self-esteem pleasure.

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