NVIDIA TU104 Exposed – GeForce RTX PCB Revealed?
17 August 2018
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We have received a few pictures for what looks to be apart of the highly anticipated GeForce RTX lineup, quite possibly the 2080?

The whole PCB is shown smiling to the camera revealing the “TU104-400A-A1” die.

We can also see “QUAL SAMPLE” indicating a qualification sample meaning an early chip but with near final silicon and most likely used for testing.

The graphics card has a beefed up 10 phase (8+2) VRM when compared to the GTX 1080, 1 8-pin power connector, 1 6-pin power connector and the die size looks big, we have estimated it to be around 600mm2 which is conservative on our behalf.

For display output we see the traditional HDMI and Display Port but what surprises us the most is the DVI connector also on board.

Also featured on the board is an NVLink connector prompting speculation whether or not Nvidia has dropped SLI on their next generation of graphics cards instead opting for superior NVLink.

Surrounding the chip is eight GDDR6 memory modules which are most likely 1GB chips which would give the card a grand total of 8GB.



The cooling solution is yet another Vapor Chamber and looks considerably bigger than the one found on previous generation.



Expect more news in the next few days when these cards are announced for real.

Source for images: Chiphell
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