Nvidia Teases GeForce RTX 20 Series
14 August 2018
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After unveiling the new Turing architecture, NVIDIA uploaded what seems to be a teaser for their upcoming GeForce lineup.

The video appears to have various hints for the new generation, we see flashes of the new cooler shroud and backplate design.

There were also some hints regarding the naming scheme which points towards the RTX 2080 name.

Usernames like RoyTeX (RTX), Not_11, Mac-20, and Eight Tee all seem to show RTX 2080 as a possible name for the new Nvidia graphics card.



There were also GPS coordinates (50.968495,7.014026) for Cologne in the Discord messages, and Nvidia unveils the date for its GeForce event by making rolling date numbers appear in the order of 2,0,8,0.



The description of the video has the event set in the 20th of Aug at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

It also looks like that Nvidia are confirming the hints through Youtube comments



It seems that Nvidia wants to push for real time tracing in games with the new RTX technology which will greatly enhance the visuals of the games with real time realistic reflections, lighting and more.



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