Nvidia Showcases Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing Technology with Ray Tracing
31 July 2018
ATAA Nvidia

Nvidia has published documentation for their new anti-aliasing method Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing (ATAA) with extends upon Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) with the power of real time ray tracing.

This new technology is designed for games, Nvidia have been working on this new method of anti-aliasing to remove the blurring and ghosting artifacts caused by TAA as well as solve the problems caused by TAA when there is a lot of movement on screen.

Nvidia claims that ATAA will achieve the quality of 8x SSAA (Supersampling Anti-Aliasing) while staying below 33ms of frame delay. This was tested in a modern house scene built in Unreal Engine 4 using an Nvidia Titan V with a frame cap of 30 frames per second… wow.


We introduce a pragmatic algorithm for real-time adaptive supersampling in games. It extends temporal antialiasing of rasterized images with adaptive ray tracing, and conforms to the constraints of a commercial game engine and today’s GPU ray tracing APIs. The algorithm removes blurring and ghosting artifacts associated with standard temporal antialiasing and achieves quality approaching 8× supersampling of geometry, shading, and materials while staying within the 33ms frame budget required of most games.

Nvidia’s ATAA technology is reliant on Microsoft’s DirectX Ray Tracing API (DXR), and given that even the most powerful graphics cards of today are not ready for full time ray tracing.

The idea of ray tracing in the form of inferior quality might just make its way into the next generation of graphics cards. Which means inferior quality options may just be available to select soon in the GameWorks™ games of Tomorrow.

The poor quality, frame delay and lack of an MSAA comparison set off red flags in my book. I’m sure the second revision of the Nintendo Switch would benefit greatly.

Nvidia will go more into detail about their new ATAA technology during their upcoming “GeForce Gaming Celebration” event held just before GamesCom on August 20th.

Nvidia promises spectacular surprises as well as upcoming PC games running on the latest GeForce hardware.

I just hope Huang doesn’t start raving on the importance of self-driving A.I. or handing out sandwiches.

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