NVIDIA Removes Lite Hashrate Restriction….. After GPU Mining Dies
15 October 2022

Crytocurrency mining with graphics cards is dead, I don’t care what you think about the matter, or attempt to make excuses for.

No matter what Crypto specifically you mine with a GPU, Raven, Ethereum Classic, ERGO or anything else, since Ethereum transition to a Proof-of-Stake design, GPU mining effectively died off as profits tumbled, for every 50 MH/s you’d generate less than twenty cents for 24 hours of mining.

That’s far less than the electricity cost to run said graphics cards, for this cycle at least, GPU mining is dead and buried but it’ll be a matter of time before those in denial begin to sell off their mining rigs.

NVIDIA however have been making a lucrative business out of playing ignorant, with back alley deals selling its GeForce graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners throughout 2020 and 2021, the company decided to bank on the mining boom by producing its CMP range of mining GPUs, utilizing old ancient cores prices at insane markups.

With NVIDIA stating they couldn’t “foresee” just how dependable the crypto mining boom was for the company, with NVIDIA offering little for genuine consumers with the LHR restriction which effectively halved the hash rate a GPU could produce when mining ETH.

But over time people had managed to circumvent the LHR limitations outright with the RTX 3060 alongside enhancements made to Nicehash that saw LHR GPUs regain majority of its lost performance.

In actual fact, services such as NiceHash and its NBMiner have already circumvented the Lite Hash Rate limitation entirely, months ago.

But now cryptocurrency mining is once again dead, there’s no reason for NVIDIA to retain the LHR limiter as either way it’s no longer profitable to mine on any graphics card, unless of course you happen to live in an area where electricity is almost free and plentiful, just in case you’re a penny pinching goblin who couldn’t dare stomach the fees of NiceHash.

NVIDIA’s latest GeForce graphics drivers, corresponding with the launch of the RTX 4090, have allegedly removed the cryptocurrency mining limiter from the RTX 3080Ti which had launched with LHR.

While not even necessary because most consumer miners utilize NiceHash anyway, the RTX 3080Ti when using Ethminer on Windows can now achieve its full intended speeds, there abouts of 110 MH/s which is basically the same as what the RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti are all able to achieve.

While a JewTuber by the name of Rabid Mining had also confirmed the theories that NVIDIA has removed its LHR restriction, which was marketed as a handshake between silicon and software has now been entirely removed with the latest driver update.

His example shows the RTX 3060 being able to produce ~47 MH/s, which is enough to earn you around 15 cents of net losses each and every day once electricity costs are considered, but for the sake of being fair if you happened to not pay a single dime for electricity you could earn as much as 19 whole cents per day mining Ravencoin with 23.5 MH/s.

Wowza, now that’s what I call a steal, the LHR restriction had already been busted, GPU mining has collapsed upon itself with altcoin alternatives having immensely high difficulties with their prices down the shitter meaning that just about everyone mining with GPUs at this very mining are probably losing money on every single card they have.

But for the sake of saying so, if you were one of those weirdos mining Ethereum Classic or Ergo and not through NiceHash you can now harness all of your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series GPU so you can hopefully lose less money than before.


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