NVIDIA Quietly Increases Price Of RTX 3000 Founder’s Edition GPUs in European Countries
21 January 2021

I’ve fucking had enough of this bullshit.

Plagued with zero supply, insane prices it only seems fair that the gracious and generous NVIDIA corporation would cut consumers some slack given that from the start of the new year many European countries such as (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland) have increased their VAT (Value Added Tax) rates for commerce.

Resulting in higher prices, but more importantly less money going into the pockets of CEO, Jensen Huang.

In a rather brash and bold message of “FUCK YOU” towards its loyal fan base, NVIDIA have quietly jacked up the prices of its Founder’s Edition graphics cards of their RTX 3000 series in such regions in a fabulous display of corporate greed.

You heard that right, upon these European countries raising their VAT (Value Added Tax) rates from the start of the new year, NVIDIA artificially increased its pricing of Founder’s Edition GPUs particularly towards the region.

That’s just downright fucking disgusting.

For instance the GeForce RTX 3090 will now set you back €1,549 EUR, this is an increase of 50 euros from its former price of €1,499 EURO.

This is a price increase of 3.33%, pretty much in line for the most part of regions such as Germany which had its VAT raised from 16% to 19% since the start of the new year.

While the GeForce RTX 3080, 3070 and even 3060 Ti all had their prices increased by 20 Euros.

Meaning that the GeForce RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition will now cost €719 up from €699 EUR, an increase of 2.86%.

The GeForce RTX 3070 Founder’s Edition now costs €519 EUR up from €499, an increase of 4%

And finally the GeForce 3060 Ti will now cost €419 up from its previous price of €399 euros, with the largest increase of 5.01%

These price hikes are exclusive to European regions, barring the United Kingdom, and it’s quite fitting for NVIDIA to raise pricing in regions that increased the VAT tax more so as you go down the order. Where the cheaper models receive the highest price hikes.

Regions such as the Americas or Oceania haven’t had any adjustments to the prices for NVIDIA’s Founder’s Edition graphics cards, only Europe.

It’s pretty fucking obvious that with the VAT increased in these regions that NVIDIA would have left money on the table, so it only seems fitting to increase the prices albeit slightly to recoup every shekel possible.

Talk about kicking people when they’re down, is it not enough that NVIDIA are selling GPUs directly to miners? In an architectural generation plagued with disastrous supply issues among bullshit like this I just can’t fucking stand it.

Clearly that dirty fucking snake Jensen Huang has a clear motive to maximise profits in whichever way possible, and this is one of them. Nothing gets him off more so than another quarterly report of record profits from “GAMING” sales.

And that’s the problem with our society, the dirty Yiddler kicks these poor helpless cunts when they’re down but the sadistic masochists continue to lap it up each and every time. But then you have tech urinalists defending the honour of a soulless corporation by diverting the problems onto something else.

Take Andreas Schilling for example, boy that’s a fucking perfect last name for a bloke like this.

He too broke this news writing for the German website “Hardwareluxx” but it has come to my attention that his verdict on the matter? It isn’t corporate greed, there’s no lashing out over this barbaric insult towards all the GeForce Goyim in continental Europe. But rather just a casual price increase due to the changes in Germany’s VAT (Value Added Tax) rates.

That’s all. It’s spineless hack tech urinalism like this that contribute to the continuation and added severity of such corporations getting away with more and more heinous acts.

By the words of Linus Torvalds, NVIDIA. Fuck You.

Especially you Jensen Huang, and fuck all those spineless hack journalists that keep the goyim docile. Go fuck yourself.

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