NVIDIA Once Again Increases European Pricing of GeForce Graphics Cards
23 January 2022

Here we bloody go again.

Now I’ve covered this exact story exactly one year ago actually, where NVIDIA secretly “khiked” pricing of its GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards across various European countries anywhere from 20-50 EURO depending on the model but now it seems that NVIDIA just absolutely loves your money as dickheads continue to buy gouged graphics cards by the dozen.

NVIDIA loves to rebrand its keynote presentations now it seems to be rehashing its kike tricks too.

Profiteering seems to be the staple of the DIY PC market now and will certainly be the motto moving forward with the next generation of GPUs with AMD and NVIDIA capitalizing on the woes of gaymers worldwide as barbaric “shortages” and increased demand of said products from cryptocurrency miners have rocketed these two companies to new heights, and the prices of their products as well unfortunately.

It’s never exactly enough that NVIDIA are selling graphics cards such as the RTX 3080 in back alley deals to crypto miners in bulk, where AIB graphics cards usurp their slated MSRP figures by near double, NVIDIA just goes out of its way in fucking the consumers raw.

Companies like this will blame anything and everything else on the customer’s misfortune of having to fork over more money into buying their wares, they’ll blame supply shortages, increased manufacturing costs, global “plannedemics” or simply blame the likes of G.S.T or inflation.

In short, NVIDIA have raised its European pricing on average by 5.53% excluding the sole increase for the UK, 5.53% pales in comparison compared to the actual EUR increments such graphics cards have increased by, with the RTX 3090 FE’s price tag expecting to be a whole 100 euros more expensive just on NVIDIA’s website alone, not as if anyone has actually been able to snag an RTX 3090 graphics card for such low prices anyhow.

News of NVIDIA once again increasing its pricing for Founders Edition GPU’s listed on its website in European regions sparked on the StockDrops Discord server where NVIDIA will be increasing its price tags of everything GeForce from the RTX 3060 Ti and upwards.

These new price figures have already gone live when viewing GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards while viewing NVIDIA’s website in Germany.

The RTX 3090 does receive the biggest hike in price tag this time around, especially when compared to the originally slated pricing before January 2021 where initially it had been listed for 1,499 EURO, from its release NVIDIA have effectively raised its European pricing by a staggering 10% since launch.

Just as they have with the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070, with NVIDIA having tacked on 40-50 EURO to their price tags respectively once these new prices go into motion, with a total price hike of 10.02% since launch. However from their current European price tag they’ve only increased by 20-30 euros respectively, or 4.77% and 5.78%.

Since launch the RTX 3080 has had a tumor the size of 60 euros added to its pricing to a rather undignified 759 EUR price tag which is the lowest total increase across NVIDIA’s original lineup at just 8.58% since launch or 5.56% from its current price of 719 euros.

However when it comes to the absolutely milked dung trash that NVIDIA have released much more recently, such as the RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti which to me were the most barbaric and retarded members of the RTX Ampere family only to be usurped by the soon to be released RTX 3090 Ti, NVIDIA looks to be added 70 euro to the pricing of the RTX 3080 Ti bringing it up from 1,199 to 1,269 EUR.

Original PriceCurrent PriceNew PricePrice Increase
GeForce RTX 30901,499 EURO 1,549 EURO 1,649 EURO6.45% (10%)
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti1,199 EURO 1,269 EURO5.83%
GeForce RTX 3080699 EURO719 EURO759 EURO5.56% (8.58%)
GeForce RTX 3070 Ti619 EURO649 EURO 4.84%
GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (UK)529 GBP 549 GBP 3.78%
GeForce RTX 3070499 EURO 519 EUR 549 EURO 5.78% (10.02%)
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti399 EURO 419 EUR 439 EURO 4.77% (10.02%)

That is an increase of 5.83%, while the RTX 3070 Ti will not just have its price increased in European regions the britbongs will have theirs increased as well apparently, from 619 EUR to 649 NVIDIA have increased its price tag by a more “modest” figure of just 4.84% while citizens of Londonistan will have to settle with paying an extra 20 pounds as their pricing for the RTX 3070 Ti will be increased by 3.78%.

This of course means absolutely nothing in the large scheme of things considering majority of DIY PC gaymers are buying up the gouged trash aftermarket graphics cards from desperate Jewish retail outfits for MUCH more than these hiked up “MSRP” figures from NVIDIA’s store directly.

Though of course it’s still a blow regardless, buying direct from NVIDIA while having just one in a gorillion chance of doing so was essentially the only way of purchasing an RTX graphics card while at least maintaining the façade of getting “good value”.

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