NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Anti-Mining Restriction Also Defeated By A Dummy HDMI Plug – RTX 3060 Mining Rigs Are Now Feasible
23 March 2021

Answer: The Dummy

After totally “accidentally” releasing insider BETA GeForce drivers that completely remove the restriction for the GeForce RTX 3060’s ETH limiter it would appear that Andreas Schilling over at HardwareLuxx has discovered that even with the insider 470.05 driver version if you were running multiple multiple graphics cards in the same system then the hash rate restriction will still impact the 3060’s ETH performance.

So clearly for our large scale GeForce Miner friends we’re still yet to completely crack the code to unleash a torrential flood of garbage hardware to make us that paper, until now that is.

So how can you undoubtedly bypass the mining restriction when utilizing more than one single RTX 3060 in the system? Why with a measly $6 HDMI dummy plug of course.

I shit you not, a fucking HDMI dummy plug inserted into any additional cards in the same rig will bypass the restriction on the RTX 3060 across all of them.

Source: Andreas Schilling

Inserting the dummy HDMI plug into the RTX 3060 enabled it to mine at its corrected hash rates when ran with multiple graphics cards in the same system, this weird restriction was probably due to its “driver and silicon” handshake that probably detected which card was being used as the display adaptor along with the fact that there are multiple cards present in the system and are certainly running the mining algorithm that the RTX 3060’s limiter is supposed to severely restrict.

The news that a dummy HDMI plug removed the restriction of multi GPU systems mining with an RTX 3060 originated from a user on Quasar Zone who discovered this solution on a mining system containing four individual GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards which are now all mining at over 48 MH/s respectively.

Though also proven by HardwareLuxx I just cannot contain my fucking laughter over the fact that NVIDIA probably invested a small amount of shekels into this “driver and silicon” limitation on the GeForce RTX 3060 and certainly future RTX products and after having to deal with the fallout of “accidentally” releasing a driver on the downlow that removed its ETH restriction on a single card and now the goyim can actually mine whole fucking systems with the RTX 3060 by using a $6 dummy plug.

NVIDIA’s fake stance against Cryptocurrency miners is quite possibly the biggest farce the company has made in over a decade. If their secure limiter happens to extend its checks to whether or not it’s driving a display is appalling and desperate.

If however you are using an RTX 3060 (you sick fuck) to mine cryptocurrency you may wish to spare no expense…. literally in an array of HDMI dummy plugs on fleebay that come in a wide range of colors so you can at least give your monochrome existence a little pizzazz.

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