NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program to make its Return Exclusive to the Chinese Market? – Combatting AMD Radeon RX 6000M Laptops
4 June 2021

Remember GPP?

The GeForce Partner Program was a deceitful tactic that NVIDIA originally tried back in 2018, GPP was marketed by NVIDIA as a means of “transparency” in the PC market similar to how NVIDIA supported transparency by removing the Max-Q and Max-P labeling for their RTX 3000 series mobile graphics cards.

By “transparency” I of course mean that NVIDIA intended at the time to completely absorb the marketing and brands of its AIB partner’s products such as the ASUS ROG STRIX for example.

If GPP wasn’t abruptly stopped it would’ve resulted in NVIDIA gaining exclusivity of these specific aftermarket models for its graphics cards while such AIB partners then planned to make brand new products specifically for AMD Radeon GPU’s that did not feature the naming of any “gaming brand” associated with NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner Program

In return for giving NVIDIA the exclusive rights to brand names for manufactured aftermarket graphics cards or OEM machines NVIDA would repay them with free promotion and “early access” to its “innovations”.

It’s about as anti-consumer as you could possibly imagine.

But you know NVIDIA, with dirty tricks like this they certainly wouldn’t leave such a bright idea laying there on the shelf, GPP was met with criticism by just about every single faggot JewTuber and tech urinalist but the thing about all this criticism is that they were coming from parts of the globe that aren’t a communist shithole, allowing them to vent their frustrations and point out just how cancerous the GeForce Partner Program actually was.

Because where else can such a greedy anti-consumer corporation flourish than China? Because recent rumors suggest that NVIDIA will be reintroducing their cancerous GPP behind the closed walls of the communistic paradise.

Twitter user Bullsh1t_buster believes that NVIDIA will reintroduce GPP (GeForce Propaganda Program) in China, specifically for products that utilize RTX 3000 series mobility GPU’s.

In a string of tweets, Bullshit Buster says that NVIDIA are attempting to force OEM partners to make much less mobile laptops featuring the AMD Radeon RX 6000M range of graphics cards, OEM manufacturers who kneel before Chairman Huang shall receive generous gifts in the form of special rebates.

Of course with China being full of chinks, they would do just about anything for a quick buck even if it means killing their own kind in the process.

Essentially NVIDIA feel extremely threatened by AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 series of mobility graphics cards to the point where they’re bribing OEM manufacturers in a communist shithole that’s basically excluded from the western world. Those that continue to make and provide laptops featuring RDNA 2 hardware inside will be excluded from participating in the GeForce Propaganda Program and therefore will miss out on free rebate shekels.

Because without a doubt NVIDIA have a stronghold in China, I’m sure shady tactics similar to this have been taking place for years now. It’s just a coincidence goyim that NVIDIA GPU’s take up basically 99% of all hardware found inside Chinese gaming cafes which have been artificially bumping up NVIDIA’s share on the Steam Hardware Survey for ages now.

According to Bullshit Buster, NVIDIA believes that the Radeon RX 6700M proves to be most threatening which is without a doubt entirely true considering that it’s packing 10GB of GDDR6 memory and an effective game clock speed of 2300MHz which for a mobile part is truly amazing. With 80MB of Infinity Cache it’s all but certain that mobility products utilizing a Radeon RX 6700M will no doubt be superior than the “RTX 3070 Laptop GPU”.

NVIDIA feels threatened, so what else to do to eliminate a threat by resorting to seclusive deals behind closed doors in a bid to remove as many Radeon RX 6700M laptops from entering the Chinese market, which just happens to be one of if not the largest market when it comes to these sorts of products.

This is just more undeniably evidence that NVIDIA is the type of scumbag corporation who’d resort to Intel kickbacks for their own personal gain, and considering that they’re doing this in China I highly doubt any actual repercussions will arise from this.

NVIDIA will suck you dry and call you dusty.

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