Nvidia Gaming Performance Found to be Significantly Impacted by HDR
23 July 2018
Nvidia Nvidia HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) seems to be all the rage recently for both monitors and televisions offering an increased colour accuracy to resemble “real life” with a wider colour range while providing enhanced contrast and deeper shadows creating the most immersive image to date.  High-end HDR displays are already coming out onto the market, dare I say that I wrote an article about one not that long ago…

The good guys over at Computerbase have taken the GTX 1080 and AMD Vega 64 in a head to head battle across over 10 different games with and without HDR and the results found are rather shocking. Not much of a shock to discover that by enabling HDR  reduced performance though only slightly for the Vega 64. Though I cannot say the same for the GTX 1080. Computerbase found that by enabling HDR reduced the performance by around 10% on average while the Vega card only suffered a 2% hit on average. Highlighting a big disparity between both of their HDR support which puts AMD’s RX Vega 64 a significant performance advantage over Nvidia’s offering when using HDR.

It is currently unknown at the time as to why NVIDIA is taking a decent hit on not only average framerate but frametimes as well.











(source: Computerbase.de)

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