NVIDIA Abandons $40 Billion ARM Acquisition Bid
26 January 2022

NVIDIA’s attempt at taking over ARM has been the roughest ride imaginable and for all the right reasons, NVIDIA is a company that values monopolization and proprietary technologies above all else, and thankfully it seems their attempt to buy out ARM has failed.

NVIDIA looks to abandon its $40bn bid to acquire ARM from SoftBank as the company has failed to change the minds of the regulatory bodies who stand opposed to such an agreement.

NVIDIA made promises upon their acquisition of ARM that it would retain the open-source licensing model of ARM processors, this however would prove to be futile.

What this means for you or I is absolutely nothing, whether or not NVIDIA purchases ARM doesn’t change the fact that NVIDIA CPUs if any down the line would actually be considerable rivals to x86 processors because they wouldn’t, there’s no beating around the bush in saying that ARM processors are godawful for everyday computing requirements.

The only reason why ARM appears “quick” is all down to the on-die hardware accelerators that ARM processors utilize for just about everything, they’re nothing more than a waste of die space.

NVIDIA has told its partners that it doesn’t expect the ARM transaction to close with SoftBank, owners of ARM Holdings, who are allegedly preparing an initial public offering (IPO) of ARM.

NVIDIA’s purchase of ARM was slated to be the largest acquisition in history when revolving around the semiconductor sector, the bad news for NVIDIA doesn’t just end there as NVIDIA is expected to pay the sum of $1.25 billion as a breakup fee.

Coincidentally, I wonder if this was the very reason as to why the RTX 3090 Ti, and RTX 3080 12GB models will soon be landing on store shelves for ungodly amounts of money? Someone’s got to pay for NVIDIA’s misfortune and you can rest assured that it won’t be them.

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