nShitvia Pulling Another Bait and Switch? – Deceptive GA102-250 (3080 Ti) Dies Being Repackaged as GA102-300 (RTX 3090)
29 March 2021
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Who would have expected something like this from nShitvia, a scumbag corporation worse than the slimebag intel corporation.

Which, time and again, has sold different products under the same model name, such as with different versions of the 1030:
the MX150:
and the 1060:
which sold under the same name despite having quite different or significantly different specifications?

Well, it seems that history might be repeating… again. Apparently, according to this scoop by VideoCardz:

GA102-250 dies, which would have been meant for the 3080 Ti, are being sold as 3090s instead. Who knows what’s been lobbed off these new 3090s, based on GA102-250 remarked to GA102-300, or are we supposed to believe that just the designation changed, none of the actual specifications did? If the dies are identical, why would they be named GA102-250 instead of GA102-300 only to then scratch out the GA102-250 designation and add GA102-300 instead?

If the GA102-250 dies renamed GA102-300 dies have different specifications from GA102-300 dies, will they perform differently natively? If they perform differently natively, will nShitvia driver update hobble GA102-300 3090s so they aren’t measurably faster than GA102-250 GA102-300 3090s? Or will they factory overclock GA102-250 dies to make up for any hardware spec disadvantage?

And even if the GA102-300 and GA102-250 dies do, indeed, have exactly the same specifications, in every respect, and it’s only their naming that differs, all this proves is what huge idiots the nVidiots who bought the 3090 and tried to justify their purchase or, not even being able to afford it – most nVidiots are pauper peasants who meatshield for nShitvia GPUs they can’t afford themselves and rag on AMD GPUs which are way faster than anything they possess, still meatshielded its overpriced MSRP (which was itself a lie) arguing that it’s actually a Titan, just under a different name – although it clearly never was – and was thus worth the inflated price tag (it wasn’t, it’s jut that the 3080 was hobbled with an inadequate amount of VRAM to upsell the nVidiots to 3090s), as if it’s somehow alright for Titan cards to be overpriced simply because they always have been and that, in and of itself, makes it ok.

If GA102-300 dies were GA102-250 dies all along, just marked higher to be able to be marked up higher, all this proves is what huge suckers the nVidiots who’ve bought 3080 Tis for nearly twice the price of 3080s were all along, thinking they were buying a Titan named differently. Jimbo did a pretty good analysis of this in this video:

Clearly, Lord Huang knows his customer base: technically illiterate, dim witted troglodytes.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether GA102-250 3090s perform worse than GA102-300 3090s, if nShitvia isn’t good enough at hiding performance discrepancy, if there is any, using drivers. After all, Lord Huang’s driver gimp hand is strong, as evidenced by how nShitvia GPUs age like yoghurt in terms of performance after being succeeded by newer generations.

Keep buying nShitvia and thereby supporting anti-consumer, anti-competitive practices and price gouging, nVidiots!

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