Nope Nope Nurses Removed From Johren and Steam
22 January 2022
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It’s all but official at this point but the “Waifu Holocaust” is back in full swing for 2022 and this time around it’s not just Steam who are outright rejecting / removing Japanese developed eroge but Johren once again finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Yet another visual novel finds itself purged from Steam, as ‘Nope Nope Nurses’ has been delayed from release on Valve’s storefront indefinitely while simultaneously being removed from Johren completely as confirmed by its publisher, Shiravune.

Nope Nope Nurses or rather “Sakusei Byoutou ~Seikaku Saiaku no Nurse Shika Inai Byouin de Shasei Kanri Seikatsu~” is a rather dark and ominous visual novel containing a generous amount of graphical sex scenes featuring “Shota-con” content which would most likely be the reasoning behind its removal from both platforms.

There is no official reasoning behind the removal of “Nope Nope Nurses” from either Johren or the “indefinite” delay on the Steam Store, but at the very least Shiravune

But considering how Johren recently went under the spotlight for dramatically censoring the “shota” content of Megasuki: Love Through Lenses, which coincidentally is another Shiravune published title.

Considering to what extent Johren went out of its way into butchering the English localized release of Megasuki: Love Through Lenses on its platform it’s fairly obvious to assume that Johren is taking an even greater stance against such eroge titles featuring such content as “shota-con”.

The entire premise of “Nope Nope Nurses” is that the main protagonist has fallen down a set of stairs and fractured both his arms, but that pales in comparison to the fact that he suffers from a rare “disease” where he must ejaculate every three hours, so of course being unable to masturbate he must request the aid of the nurses who reluctantly do so despite not exactly wanting to which naturally leads to “femdom” hijinks.

Sakusei Byoutou ~Seikaku Saiaku no Nurse Shika Inai Byouin de Shasei Kanri Seikatsu~” was even so popular it had actually managed to garner its very own hentai adaptation. Which can either be viewed online or downloaded HERE.

If you’re interested in “Nope Nope Nurses” unfortunately you’re going to have to wait a little while before the availability of its English localized release has been announced…. again, but despite all that I’ll continue to state once again that when it comes to buying eroge games of any kind you as a coomsoomer need to do your own due diligence and actually try and purchase such games directly from the developer / publisher whenever possible.

You simply cannot leave it to storefronts like Johren, Steam or GOG even to purchase such games as your money goes into the hands of grubby kikes who want nothing more than to destroy that which you love.

If you simply cannot support the developers directly the only other course of action to take is to simply pirate such games, of which you may download “Nope Nope Nurses” right now from sites such as Sukebei.

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