Nope Nope Nurses Relisted on Steam & Johren Following Licensing Issues
9 February 2022
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A few short weeks ago it was made apparent that Valve were going back to basics with their “Waifu Holocaust” policies with the removal of the localized release of “Nope Nope Nurses” published by Shiravune.

However the game itself wasn’t only removed from Steam but also Johren who previously took issue with another localized release of an AVN featuring shota-con content.

Thankfully “Nope Nope Nurses” has been relisted on both Steam and Johren in rather unceremonious fashion as revealed by publishers, Shiravune the reasoning behind its delisting was due to licensing issues.

At least thankfully for now, Shiravune and the games they’ve published aren’t at all blacklisted from the Steam Store as Shiravune is on an absolute spree when it comes to listing games on the Steam store at this moment, with “KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline” being listed mere days later.

Nope Nope Nurses or “Sakusei Byoutou ~Seikaku Saiaku no Nurse Shika Inai Byouin de Shasei Kanri Seikatsu~” can now be purchased on Johren, with separate 18+ content for its Steam release.

However I still recommend and uphold the belief that you should be pirating Nope Nope Nurses instead if it’s to your tastes, even if it’s a feel good moment such as this where a Japanese eroge title makes its way BACK to Steam I simply cannot in good conscious condone the acts of financing disgusting Filthy Chews such as Gabe Newell or even Johren who’ve highlighted in the past why they cannot be trusted.

As mentioned previously, “Nope Nope Nurses” consists of mainly “femdom” and “shota-con” content of which Steam prefers to harbor over titles that feature “loli-con” content, I’m sure that’s just a (((cohencidence))) though.

Unlike western erotic games, Japanese eroge is the absolute polar opposite of cookie cutter trash made with as much care or compassion as they’ve put into a non-existent plot.

The plot of Nope Nope Nurses pits the main protagonist having fallen down a flight of stairs fracturing both arms, while also suffering from a rare “disease” of plot armor where he must ejaculate every few hours or so, sure enough he must seek the “help” of the nurse staff who are extremely hesitant but reluctantly “ease” the main protagonist in their own sadistic ways.

If you’re looking to try Nope Nope Nurses for yourself, you may download it from Sukebei HERE.

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