Nintendo Partners With DENUVO For Anti-Emulation DRM Protection on Switch Consoles
25 August 2022
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We are reaching levels of Soy Vey that I never thought were possible.

DENUVO DRM by Irdeto is regarded as being one of the most invasive, anti-consumer and overall cancerous DRM protections in existence, alongside the likes of VMProtect and UWP, sometimes of which two are actually combined together to rape system resources and give players a stutter-fuck fest for whatever mundane modern trash they happen to have gladly paid for.

Nintendo’s Switch console has been a major success, despite from a hardware perspective it’s by far the slowest console on the market, even upon its initial release the Tegra that lies beneath was already severely outdated, years having gone by the the Nintendo Switch still manages to sell more physical units than the likes of Sony and Microsoft (especially in Japan).

To myself, the major success with the Nintendo Switch console hasn’t been the fact that its immense popularity has benefited the entire industry by killing video games much quicker than anticipated but rather how easy it is to emulate Nintendo Switch games on the PC.

Nintendo’s Soylent Switch is the ultimate CONSOOMER platform, even when it comes to PC emulation, with there being two entirely different emulators out in the wild, those being Yuzu and Ryujinx, which net $21,000 and $1600 dollars monthly on (((Patreon))) alone.

Between these two emulators, essentially majority of the Switches library is considered playable, some more than others to the point of further enhancement with 60 fps patches and or upscaling.

However Nintendo being the whiney bitches that they are, they’ve got a convoluted history specifically targeting websites that host game ROMs with DMCA takedowns while simultaneously being caught reselling their own pirated ROMs.

Nintendo however have come up with a devious way to at least put an end to PC emulation of the Nintendo Switch system at least for the future, and that is to partner up with Irdeto to protect Nintendo Switch games with Denuvo DRM.

Irdeto are proud to announce their collaboration with Nintendo in providing their own style of DENUVO for the Nintendo Switch as seen from their website.

Irdeto claim that emulating a Nintendo Switch game on the PC is easy, of which it is, more than 4500 individual games are available to download.

Nintendo as a company however can entirely go fuck themselves.

Many Switch games can be downloaded from websites such as RomsLab, RomsPure, Switch-Emulator and here’s a bonus repository for older Nintendo system ROMs.

Nintendo and DENUVO obviously want to stop eventual releases of Nintendo Switch games into the future from landing on the PC and being used in conjunction with emulator software.

How Irdeto plans to achieve this is highly uncertain because if DENUVO DRM on the Nintendo Switch acts anything like how it does for PC titles rest assured that the Switch system itself will be raped beyond comprehension.

Needless to say, much like how PlayStation fans consist of mentally deranged niggerfaggots, Nintendo’s fanbase aint saints either as the Nintendo fanbase advocates strongly against “piracy”.

But of course, any future protection of Nintendo Switch ROMs from being emulated will undoubtedly be defeated one way or another, though not before the likes of EMPRESS will use it as an opportunity to scavenge $500 per individual title from its Telegram group for release.

Only to then have their release repackaged by FitGirl with included emulation programs.

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