Nintendo Going Woke With Policy Pledge of Increased Diversity Hires?
1 December 2021
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Well shit, there goes Nintendo.

Following the sexual harassment bullshit that has basically turned Activision Blizzard upside down, alleged gender discriminatory claims against PlayStation (SIE), there’s a rush for these giant video game giants to hire more women in a desperate attempt to snub the stigma…. or perhaps to just sexually assault them also?

Who knows, though what we do know is that hiring women is quite possibly one of the worst things any business can do 99% of the time, with a few cases being the exception but not the rule.

Nintendo or more specifically Nintendo of America is faggotized through and through, faggotry and diversity is truly the greatest strength of the west.

Following in the footsteps of other video game giants, Nintendo has released a new corporate governance report that contains shocking details about current levels of diversity and the future that lays ahead for Nintendo as a whole.

I must note that this is a report from Nintendo JAPAN, and not Nintendo of America’s let me be perfectly clear on that.

Specific details from the corporate governance report depict that just 23.7% of Nintendo’s managerial staff on a global level are comprised of women, such a figure according to leftoid sodomites would be considered absolutely disgusting if not outright forcing Nintendo to bump those numbers up.

Thankfully however when referring to Nintendo Japan, women only represent just 4.2% of managerial positions as of March 31st 2021. Not bad, but it could certainly use some improvement with maximum effort to achieve a number closer to zero.

But of course this is indeed the CURRENT YEAR so simply one giant worldwide entity cannot fathom the thought of hiring a man anymore, we as a society have changed for the worst where it’s simply mandatory to demonize not just the straight white man but men outright.

And that’s exactly what Nintendo hopes to achieve as they follow in the footsteps of many others to come off as being this all empowering diverse corporation that will make you go out and buy a Nintendo Switch OLED for such policies.

Because the corporate governance report also highlights that Nintendo has put an emphasis on diversity hires in the near future citing:

As a global company engaging in the entertainment business, which is characterized by increasingly diversifying customer needs and preferences, it is essential that we leverage the talents of a diverse workforce. Therefore, we are committed to respecting the personality and strengths of each and every employee, including employees from our overseas subsidiaries, and developing an environment where employees of diverse backgrounds can maximize their potential. As part of these efforts, we are recruiting women and creating an environment in which women can build successful careers.

Fortunately however it’s also said that Nintendo doesn’t have any specific targets when it comes to increased appointed women or other ambiguous diversity hires for managerial positions.

Women in the workplace are simply a cancer, they weasel their way in from HR to a manager position and from there they are simply a trojan horse who’ll open the flood gates to allow more women slash diversity hires into the company or god forbid up the ladder.

It’s sad to see Nintendo move in this direction but it was something that was bound to happen at some point considering the sort of grasp that Nintendo has on a world wide scale, though this is merely a pledge at this current state so nothing will change overnight but it’s a guarantee that over the course of the next couple of years that Nintendo will simply be a shadow of its former self.

Not that the push for a more diverse Nintendo would change how I view the company as a whole, for Nintendo’s constant actions against ROM piracy or quite literally anything to do with mods of its intellectual property I simply will not buy anything of Nintendo, why bother when Nintendo Switch games run perfectly well for free thanks to PC emulation. Though it’ll be disheartening to potentially see yet another Japanese icon kneel before ZOG and disembowel themselves for the sake of diversity….. just like Capcom…. just like Square Enix…. and just like Sony.

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