(((NicheGamer))) Holocausts Comments Behind Monthly Paywall For “True Free Speech”
18 January 2023
Censorship Grabbler Niche Gamer

Hubris once again leads to the downfall of another journalism website.

Niche Gamer is one of those large “alt-news” journalist publications that has cemented itself in the public space, similarly to DSOG, RT News, Bounding Into Comics or Smutkaku (who endlessly shill their own paid porn premium membership alongside interracial and “futa” porn on a near daily basis).

Niche Gamer however follows suit albeit on a much grander scale, years of copy pasting gaming news articles and other various forms of PR have asserted them to being one of the largest gaming news websites commonly available, even the notorious Elon Muskstein has had a longstanding relationship with the folks who run Niche Gamer.

The news is tame, as you would expect from a commercialized website, the only so called “praise” of NG would happen to be its community (of faggots) found in their comment section.

The real saddest part so happens to be that there are individuals out there in the world that honestly believe that Niche Gamer is “based” and that their comment section provides freedom of speech to users, much like how John Papadopoulos tries to argue the same point on Dark Side of Gayming.

There’s certainly something off about these “based” websites, such as Bounding into Comics specifically, who post “controversial” news about woke media and subsequent gay propaganda.

Tyler Valle used to be a main contributor for Niche Gaymer, during his time there he was mostly known for his own faggotized chimp out rage regarding the pride flag removal for Marvel’s Spider-Man PC release.

In actual fact, Tyler broke character writing this specific article, so much so that a portion of it had to be rewritten and Tyler Valle had to be replaced as the article’s author by Brandon Orselli.

Tyler now applies his trade increasing the amount of faggotry found at Bounding Into Kikes.

It should also be noted that Brandon Orselli himself is a guaranteed Yiddler, which would explain how Niche Gamer managed to capitalize upon “GamerGate” to assert itself as a leading news source, and it certainly explains why they’d go out of their way to censor their own community providing that someone drops subtle hints against faggots, niggers or jews in their comment sections.

Coincidentally it’s the comment section that actually keeps these websites alive and kicking, if a large scale platform were to simply censor anyone who isn’t condemningly left leaning on a political front its community would be ostracized outright and eventually the website will wither away and hopefully die.

These sorts of sites pray upon the illusion of free speech, to encourage arguments in their comments between “right-wing” individuals and naysaying faggotonis, Niche Gamer and the like can simply get away by trimming some of their own hedges but were very careful to not trim too much off the top.

Emphasis on the word “were”.

Thankfully for me and anyone else who happens to despise Niche Gaymer, it would seem that they’ve become rather desperate to generate additional sources of income, considering how they’ve probably blown through all of Muskstein’s donations.

Despite being a rampant censor-filled hugbox of centrists attacking one another, Niche Gamer has outright removed their own comment section and therefore ostracizing their own community by demanding a monthly surcharge of $1 per month to access the comments with other “well informed” gullible retards.

I can actually visualize the hand rubbing.

Want to comment on Niche Gamer? Not that I personally would anyway, well it’s going to cost you goyim. Hilariously enough to entice the poor bastards dumb enough to fall for this $1 per month scheme, Niche Gamer is promoting “true” freedom of speech as if the concept ever existed on their website in the first place.

Considering their audience consists of centrist faggots mostly, you’d be paying money to hang out with a bunch of lukewarm faggots, guaranteed that this bold business strategy will not pay well for the staff at NG.

Demanding payment, let alone a profile to view the comment section will more than likely send a lot of their commenters, and subsequent viewers packing to other so called “based” websites, though this could be a move by Niche Gamer to play favorites with Google’s SEO by annexing “controversial” or non-conforming comments from its website.

Either way I am most certainly laughing my ass off as these faggots desperately try and monetize a platform plagued with faggots, posting faggotized news articles, good riddance to Niche Gamer.

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