NGREEDIA – NVIDIA Begins Reproducing GeForce GTX 1050Ti’s Two Years Later to Capitalize Upon Limited Market Supply
11 February 2021
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Quite some time ago we reported on a rumor that NVIDIA were preparing to reproduce and relaunch their GeForce RTX 2060 and 2060 Super graphics cards to alleviate stress off the barren marketplace brought on by NVIDIA’s woeful supply of new RTX 30-series graphics cards.

However it would appear that the reality of NVIDIA’s reproduction would be far worse than we originally thought, as according to a video posted by Brian otherwise known as “Tech Yes City” has revealed that instead NVIDIA have begun to reproduce and resupply their AIB board partners with the even older and far worse GeForce GTX 1050Ti.

At the start of the video you’re able to see that Brian is on the phone with a local Australian retailer that flat out states that after two whole years that they’re receiving shipments of the GTX 1050Ti once again as supply of Turing based graphics cards such as the GTX 1600 series has ceased entirely.

The GeForce GTX 1050Ti is based on the even older Pascal architecture, at the helm of this beast lies the GP107 core tapped out on the Samsung 14nm node and comes “feature packed” with 4GB of GDDR5 memory strapped on a 128-bit memory bus and contains just 768 real CUDA cores.

Having originally launched all the way back in October 25th 2016, the GTX 1050Ti is well over four years old and needless to say in this modern era of limited supply worldwide it offers fucking horrible gaming performance in more modern and intensive titles, this was a graphics card that was marketed as being the sort of graphics card meant for MOBA or F2P titles without requiring an external power connector (most of the time) given that it only offers a TDP of just 75W.

As Ethereum’s DAG file has now exceeded 4GB for the most part this would mean that 4GB cards are quite literally worthless to mine on, however that isn’t exactly the case as such 4GB graphics cards are still very profitable to mine on other cryptocurrencies such as Ravencoin (RVN) or VEIL which will still provide anywhere from 60 cents to just under a dollar a day profit even when including power consumption.

NVIDIA is having tremendous difficulties supplying RTX 30-series GPUs all across the globe (probably because they’re too busy selling them to miners and scalpers) and the situation only gets more severe the further down the line you go towards the low-end market. Hence why NVIDIA are desperate enough to bring back this four year old piece of shit while far superior options as Radeons such as the RX 470/570 4GB are also readily available as their production never stopped to begin with.

NVIDIA certainly shot themselves in the foot by ceasing production of Turing based graphics card upon the never ending “release” of Ampere GPUs however I’m sure it has paid dividends as they’re now in charge of what utter fucking filth to bring back to life as there’s literally nothing on the market, so what’s to say they can’t profit some more from the misfortune that the current market atmosphere has put them in?

 However as a result of such a horrible market and the heinous crimes of producing the GTX 1050Ti the prices of this little guy has surged as a result.

A quick gander on PC Case Gear, a local Australian retailer shows a GTX 1050Ti being made available for pre-order for $229 AUD or $177 USD once converted, with the original stated MSRP over four years ago being just $139 USD.

Suffice to say, the performance has remained the same however the price has increased on a four year old entry-level GPU.

This is entirely brought on by greed as GTX 1600-series components supply has already been bought up or is just about to be.

Over in America however things are quite worse, when checking retailer “Newegg” for a GTX 1050Ti we’re met with majorly out of stock listings and third party listings however if we were to search for cards that can be purchased brand new from Newegg right now we’re met with trash starting from $279 heading all the way up to $498.

So there’s some GTX 1050Ti’s to purchase however this isn’t exactly evident enough that the resupplying has actually hit anything just yet, maybe in a few weeks time perhaps.

Whereas UK retailers, Scan UK and Overclockers UK provide listings for MSI and Palit aftermarket models starting at 167 GBP (230USD) and all the way up to 199 pounds (274 USD)


Just when you thought the current market couldn’t get any worse, NVIDIA have provided a completely unnecessary solution to a problem that they’ve caused. Reproducing trash such as the GTX 1050Ti of which is then marked up higher than it was for sale four fucking years ago and they can get away with this shit too because they’ve ceased production of Turing based hardware leaving consumers with NOTHING in the entry-level sector.

The performance in modern titles with the GTX 1050Ti is absolutely horrid, you’re twice as much better off buying the equally old RX 570 graphics card which actually has driver support to this very day.

Pascal is a four year old architecture that has been rendered EOL since 2018, it’s a completely different architectural approach than the compute oriented Volta derivatives that we’ve had starting from RTX Turing. That means Pascal based graphics cards have had little to no actual driver optimization in video games stemming from 2018 onwards.

That’s just how it is when you buy NVIDIA, there’s a massive misconception that NVIDIA somewhat “gimps” its graphics cards through driver updates after a generation has been declared EOL but that isn’t the case. The gimping comes merely from the completely and utter drop of proper optimization focus with game titles heading into the future, whereas AMD continues to properly support their products over half a fucking decade later despite being on a years old version of the GCN architecture.

Reproducing the GTX 1050Ti on the ancient 14nm Samsung processing node utilizing GDDR5 memory makes this card CHEAP to produce and yet it’s still being marked up as NVIDIA have completely stopped production of everything else when it comes to the entry-level market. They honestly give no fucks at this point, because retarded consumers will still buy such garbage outdated hardware many years later.

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