Nexon Responds to Censorship Demands For Blue Archive by Increasing Its Age Rating
7 October 2022
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Gacha trash that has a welcoming positive surprise? I’m shocked.

One of the most popular gaming trends in this (((current year))) no doubt has to be the abundance of Japanese-esk “anime” mobile games that feature the infamous loot box mechanic or rather simply the “gacha” system.

The games themselves are all horrible, capitalizing upon consumers and their wallet through sexualization and good looking characters, naturally with such titles evidently there would be a lot of cases of censorship, however in this instance one of these such popular gacha games has gone and done what many thought possible, keeping the skimpy women.

Don’t get me wrong, Nexon is a horrible company, the South Korean firm has been a publisher to many mobile games featuring the gacha system, with recent examples being KonoSuba: Fantastic Days and Blue Archive which is what we’ll be going over right now.

Nexon have announced that they will be releasing a second app of Blue Archive, which will be censored, while the main and current app will remain uncensored albeit it no has a higher age rating.

The reason for this app split and optional censorship come from the demands of the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee which requested that Blue Archive either increase its age requirement or simply to alter its CG artwork.

Yongha Kim of Nexon had stated that it would’ve obviously have been much easier to simply censor the game outright rather than to produce an app split by age rating.

However, quite some time ago, Blue Archive had found itself caught in some strife for censoring CG artwork for the localized version of the game for the character of Tendou Arisu which caused a massive shitstorm for Nexon resulting in them releasing an open letter regarding the censorship.

And its the backlash from this apparent censorship prior that has changed the minds of Nexon to introduce an alternative app version of Blue Archive suited for younger audiences meeting the requirements of the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee.

Allegedly speaking with the age rating split between apps, the original game now having a higher age requirement, it’s believed that Nexon will reintroduce the censored Aris scene above for localized versions, while I personally condemn games featuring the gacha system this has been a pleasant surprise showcasing that it’s well worth speaking out in regards to demonizing companies for antics such as censorship, in very rare cases such as this do they actually listen to fans by giving them the best possible experience they possibly can on which to sink their NEET Bucks into.

Though I am of course still conflicted, Blue Archive being a gacha game however this whole revelation has been a pleasant surprise and obviously even more so for the gaymers who actually play such mobile trash.

Nexon rightfully deserves to receive more shekels from its gacha system in Blue Archive for this unprecedented move, hopefully reassuring that it pays to not meet demands of implementing censorship.

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