Newegg Goes Crypto Crazy by Supporting Payments With Dogecoin
21 April 2021

Much bullshit, such wow.

One of the biggest names when it comes to PC componentry retailers, the Chinese overlords behind the North American retailer Newegg have gone completely insane by expanding payments via cryptocurrency to now include the irrelevant meme coin known as Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogecoin has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months thanks to high profile twitter influencers and corporate hacks such as Elon Musk pushing this bullshit cryptocurrency well outside of earth’s orbit as DOGE has skyrocketed over 6800% since the start of the year alone.

Primarily due to the aforementioned twitter influencers tricking gullible goyim into buying a irrelevant shitcoin with an infinite supply and has zero fundamental features. The practical joke here being to get DOGE to a dollar.

But I hear you ask “DOGE IS ON THE FLARE NETWORK” shut the fuck up. The hype that surrounds Dogecoin has served no purpose but to make the few rich while the simpletons who’ve been scammed into buying in at beyond 30 cents per DOGE will soon be shitting bricks as Dogecoin is put to sleep. Much like Bitcoin there’s no actual innovation here, there’s no future plans or any goals for that matter. It’s a worthless meme coin with an endless supply much like the US Dollar let’s be honest.

Though I must bless simpletons like Elon Musk and other Twitter faggots shilling for such a shitcoin, as it brings tones of retarded investors in buying DOGE at well over 30 cents a pop from massive whales who basically have gorillions of the stuff as it was merely a fraction of a penny just months ago. The take away here being you should totally invest in DOGE, buying in at all time highs is certainly where you want to be.


So yeah, Jewegg have gone crypto crazy in a bid to maintain relevancy and gather potential higher profits from each and every sale. Newegg will now accept payments either with Bitcoin and now Dogecoin via the BitPay service.

Whether or not Newegg’s intentions from the DOGE collected from sales would then be converted into fiat or god forbid if the Chinkadians at the helm honestly believe that DOGE could perhaps skyrocket in value over the coming weeks and or months. Though most likely it would be the complete opposite once Dogecoin is euthanized via whales exiting who’ve since become multi-millionaires thanks to the hyperbole that surrounds Dogecoin.

What this does mean however is that those who’ve contributed to the rise in this literal memecoin could then basically afford to buy all the gouged hardware that their heart desires, and the best part yet is if Newegg collectively keep their Dogecoin inside their business wallet after payments have been received more than likely Jewegg will be among the new investors as the currency will undoubtedly collapse in the near future.

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