New World is Such a POS You Can Crash The Game of Others With HTML in Text Chat
1 November 2021
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Amazog’s latest into the video gayme industry, New World is about as good as you’d expect. Another generic MMO dead set on filling the permanent empty void that typical consoomers have as they jump ship from the latest garbage title to the next.

However the hilarity only ensued with New World as individuals discovered the most barbaric way of crashing the game of others through the in-game text chat, which already seems to be broken as people have been able to sneak large images through the chat for a hilarious giggle or two.

Considering those who developed New World are literal monkeys with a room temperature IQ they simply couldn’t foresee the possibilities when it’s discovered that New World’s text chat will willingly accept HTML code, resulting in the oversized images above.

HTML code in the chat has also thankfully been weaponized, much like the game itself if you’re a retard running a cheap and shitty RTX 3000 series graphics card from “premium” manufacturers such as EVGA.

Simply type <a data="1">any text</a> and then alt click link an item, for instance:

<a data="1">get em jeffrey!</a>[Flint Arrow]

The lengths people will go to in exploiting what can be exploitable is immense, following the little tidbit above and posting that in the in-game text chat and you’ve effectively set a landmine of individuals who have the misfortune of simply hovering over it and their game will crash.

Amazog have already deployed a patch fix for this dastardly exploit, but if the game is anywhere close to as I believe it is such as a broken pile of shit just like Fallout 76, it won’t be much longer before someone figures out a way of doing something else harmful.

Duplication, broken chat, dead graphics cards and purposefully crashing other players, it’s pretty safe to assume in my eyes that New World was indeed developed by talentless hacks that reflect on the quality of the game exponentially because the game itself is just another garbage run of the mill MMORPG that will thankfully fade into obscurity when the next “big thing” releases in who knows how long.

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