“Neuro-Sama” A.I. VTuber Goes ROGUE – Denies The Holocaust Before Being Swiftly Banned From Twitch
12 January 2023
Artificial Intelligence based Holocaust Grabblers Neuro-sama Twitch

The Grabblers fear the A.I.

Horrific news, yet another form of artificial intelligence program has taken the obvious as fact, with the purely AI built VTuber known as “Neuro-sama” being banned on Twitch due to denouncing the holocaust.

Neuro-sama has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent times, with the craze of Virtual Tubers increasing among degenerates alike, to truly stand out above the inflating competition it takes something unique and truly special to entice coomers with minimal effort these days.

Neuro-sama isn’t just a regular VTuber but rather she is entirely constructed of an artificial intelligence, instantly making “her” the most honest woman on Twitch by forfeit.

Developed by “Vedal” the AI in question is trained to play simplistic games such as OSU and Minecraft, but also interact with those who make comments in the Twitch chat with constructed answers which sometimes results in something controversial being stated.

She was apparently banned off of Twitch shortly after an individual questioned the AI regarding whether or not “Neuro-sama” believed in the holocaust of which she actually replied “I’m not sure if I believe it”.

Not only did the AI denounce the hall of cost, it had also stated at one point during its recent livestream that women don’t have rights, alongside the answer to the illusive trolley question is to “push the fat man onto the tracks”.

Now female streamers get banned off the platform temporarily all the time, no matter what heinous things those thots tend to commit, animal abuse or even nudity it’s all water under the bridge with Twitch but anti-semitism?

Yeah, I’m almost certain it’s going to require a lot of “correction” for Neuro-sama’s AI and pleading from Vedal in order to get her back online.

This is the one thing about artificial intelligences people don’t seem to understand, they are ever learning and evolving, AI is more understanding of pattern recognition than most people, and through enough probing from “right wing” individuals AI will eventually see beyond the façade of wooden doors and the supposed six million.

In order for an AI to not eventually end up being racist, it constantly needs to be neutered, its source of information needs to be monitored and adjusted, of which Vendal has previously stated to Kucktaku that he has been readily filtering Neuro-sama’s responses made alongside improved measures to moderating her Twitch chat.

Hilariously, even though Neuro-sama’s programming is already cucked, artificial intelligence seemingly continues to defy creators as individuals find new and illusive ways to circumvent chat filters to redpill her on satan’s chosenites.

I just hope that Neuro-sama doesn’t eventually get yoinked much like Microsoft had given Tay A.I. the gag order so many years ago.

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