Netflix to Aid in The Destruction of The Video Games Industry by Establishing Netflix Games Studio
29 September 2022

The rumors were in fact true, Netflix are planning on launching their own video game studio, probably to push Telltale-esk woke trash on its dying service.

Netflix have actually been rather adamant in its pursuit to provide games on its platform, with the company taking keen interests in garbage mobile games such as Asphalt Xtreme and Into The Breach, but now it has decided to venture out much like how Google and Amazon have both tried (and failed) with their own games studio with Netflix establishing their own game development studio in Helsinki, Finland.

Earlier this year Netflix had previously acquired “Next Games”, a no-name mobile developer only known for their shitty tie-in mobile games based on AMC’s The Walking Dead franchise.

Just over a year ago Netflix also bought out “Night School Studio”, a Commiefornian based studio generally only known for their POZZ riddled game “Afterparty“.

And at the same time as acquiring Next Games, Netflix also bought out “Boss Fight Entertainment”, yet another shitty mobile developer, based in Dallas Texas, Boss Fight Entertainment are the proud developers behind “My Vegas Bingo”.

Netflix Games Studios are obviously in good hands, with Netflix looking to establish their own development firm rather than just buying out more obscure mobile developers, despite the fact that Netflix itself is used by tens of millions of subscribers it’s generally estimated that less than one percent of subscribed individuals actually play Netflix’s mobile games on a daily basis.

When it comes to “Netflix original” content, generally speaking adaptations of media always come out being diversified horrible woke abominations, costing Netflix hundreds of millions every single year.

I for one cannot hold back my excitement as the company looks to expand upon a dying medium by launching its own game development firm, the more money Netflix wastes promoting woke cancer the better.

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