Need for Speed Unbound is Distasteful Woke Garbage
21 October 2022
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Estrogenic Arts has announced its latest entry into the Need for Speed franchise, Unbound which is set to launch on December 2nd 2022.

The Need for Speed franchise has long since lost its edge and relevance with the last solid entry being 2006’s Need for Speed Carbon and following this specific entry the franchise fell off the edge with EA Games butchering another studio through strict deadlines, staff being overworked and just terrible execution.

However Need for Speed Unbound follows the revival of the franchise back in 2015 developed by “Ghost Games”, the game itself was mediocre and the subsequent installments of 2017’s Payback and 2019’s Heat were unceremoniously shit and increasingly more diverse, especially with the horrendous brake to drift mechanics and the always online requirement.

Need for Speed since the revolution of 2003’s Need for Speed: Underground as well as any other racing game that plays into “tuner culture” has primarily always been targeting niggers. Car customization culture stemming from the 90’s to the 2000’s has generally targeted spics, niggers and wannabe wiggers.

We can praise the game all we want but there’s no denying that the Need for Speed franchise following Underground are games promoting nigger culture, especially when the first thing you’re greeted to when booting up NFS Underground is the horrific sound of nigger rap music about how “Lil Jon” is going to “skeet skeet”.

Need for Speed for majority of its lifespan has been a niggerized franchise with Unbound taking it to new levels.

The art style of Need for Speed Unbound is a questionable one, flashy bright neon colors and over exaggerated cartoon-ish visual effects of tyre smoke and nitrous boost of which I don’t really have a problem with. It sort of reminds me of Auto Modellista and its cel-shaded graphics of which I personally adore.

Flashy effects aside, Need for Speed Unbound certainly takes us back to the Underground with disgusting nigger rap laced throughout the reveal trailer and absolutely hideous niggers and disgusting chinkoid women being the front and center which is where the game inevitably falls apart.

Customization is the main focus of Need for Speed Unbound, of which you’ll be able to create the most hideous nigger possible with this absolutely repulsive art direction for the character designs of which are quite reminiscent of “Into the Spider-Verse” movie except with even more bastardization.

EA Games and whatever woke trannies are at the helm of Criterion Games these days are obviously attempting to cash in on the corpopunk aesthetic with Need for Speed Unbound.

Graphically wise the game looks mighty solid, but it too suffers the same face as all the other modern Need for Speed titles with wonky stiff handling models where braking to drift is a requirement, that aside there’s a heft collection of new cards to completely butcher with customization.

Specific cars of which are popular with niggers to modify with heinous massive spoilers, widebody kits and obtrusive splitters, with Criterion Games hitting it on the money with vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria alongside various Mercedes vehicles, such as a G Wagon, a 190E and a modern day S-Class convertible.

But it just wouldn’t be a proper Need for Speed title without your popular ricer rubbish front and center to toy around with as well, such as various Nissans, Honda and Mitsubishis but sadly no Toyota vehicles will be present, however there’s plenty of American and European cars instead.

Honestly speaking, the last several Need for Speed titles obviously sold well enough to warrant a continuation by EA, as the 2015 Reboot marked the final NFS game to not force diversive characters into the main story, of which with Unbound disfigured niggers and chinks take priority and are undoubtedly essential to the in-game story.

The previous installment, Need for Speed Heat focuses on mutt racers with the main antagonist being evil white policemen.

With the reveal trailer netting nearly four million views in just a couple of weeks, 157,000 likes, it’s obvious that the soyim are hyped for this monstrosity which puts a horrible feeling in my stomach as I believe this venture by EA will finally net them their first positive reception for the franchise in well over a decade.

Need for Speed Unbound is an interesting concept but once again it’s another case of a game being executed incorrectly as the entire agenda is focused upon pushing nigger normality and nigger culture to gullible gaymers across the globe, I for one am not interested in such vile rubbish being forced down my throat, if anything I’ll continue to replay and enjoy the likes of Most Wanted instead.

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