NBMiner Update Renders LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs Redundant – Now Only a 30% Hash Rate Loss Compared to non-LHR
16 August 2021

Did you actually think for a moment that NVIDIA’s desperate slapdash LHR (Lite Hash Rate) graphics cards were actually going to work?

A few months ago, NVIDIA announced that it would be re-releasing the RTX 3060/Ti, 3070 and RTX 3080 graphics cards with an imposed mining hash rate limiter, these cards were dubbed “LHR” for Lite Hash Rate.

The goal was for NVIDIA to save face having made an absolute killing from RTX 3000 series sales because of their lucrative mining performance but ultimately LHR GeForce graphics cards did absolutely fuck all for the DIY PC market.

As these LHR graphics cards were just replacing existing modules for the same gouged prices while non-LHR graphics cards were either being phased out and totally weren’t being sold in bulk to cryptocurrency miners behind everyone’s back or non-LHR GPUs just increased in price further away from the Manufacturer’s Sarcastic Retail Pricing.

It would seem that the only ones that LHR GPU’s were benefitting were the miners themselves as consumers were getting an inferior performing product for crypto mining for the same fucking prices prior, meaning that such consumers can no longer expect the same sort of daily profits generated when mining via NiceHash to aid in recouping some of the extra costs to having bought an RTX Ampere GPU.


What you see directly above is the changelog for a recent NBMiner update which states that it has introduced a new “LHR Mode” increasing the hash rate of the otherwise restricted componentry to a maximum of 70 percent hash rate of a non-LHR graphics card.

Typically LHR modules would be restricted to around 50% of its effective mining hash rate, so with this new NBMiner update provides a 40% increase to your mining performance and potential profits as now LHR GPU’s are limited to around a 30% mining performance hit.

Now while not directly indicated, the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti also come with this hash rate limiter by design of which they too are now much more versatile to mine with thanks to the latest version of NBMiner.

Now that LHR graphics cards are not as cucked when it comes to mining performance how exactly this’ll impact the market is yet to be seen but considering that current cryptocurrency projections are upwards  due to kike manipulation in my own personal opinion honestly I doubt this will hardly change a thing as consumers already couldn’t really buy LHR GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards for justifiable prices to begin with, the entire concept of a Lite Hash Rate was merely for NVIDIA to save face and pretend that they’re for the consumer when it’s the consumers who are getting raped by the current market.

Honestly I don’t see shortages or demand being resolved anytime soon unless of course NVIDIA and or AMD actually cared enough to incorporate a ZERO hash rate filter rather than a halfarsed restrictor that doesn’t even fucking work if you’re not mining Ethereum to start with.

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