Nature is Healing – Changes Made to Twitter in Japan See Anime & Manga Trending Instead of (((Politics)))
10 November 2022
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Holy shit, did Elon Muskstein actually do something positive to our cause for a change?

Twitter has undergone several changes since the crypto kike known as Elon Musk finally purchased the social media platform, resulting in demented leftists to proclaim Elon as “literally Hitler” whole MAGA tards praise him as being the second coming of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile in reality, racism and general discrimination is still very much against the Twitter terms of service, while liberal faggots somehow feel offended and threatened that their “safe space” will somehow come crashing down due to Elon’s false sense of “freedom of speech”.

Elon Musk has voiced some of the corrupt doings of the previous Twitter management such as charging tens of thousands of shekels to individuals to purchase their blue checkmark of Jewishness, Elon is such a generous man he has implemented a feature for anyone to purchase a checkmark for just $8 per month. Extremely Jewish.

This has resulted in countless kikes and urinalist faggots to leave Twitter, momentarily and instead hook up with the Fediverse under the pretext of “Mastodon”, and quite frankly if you yourself happen to be apart of a Fediverse instance it is your CIVIL DUTY to bully these faggots back onto Twitter.

Aside from launching a service subscription to net back the shekels spent on the social media platform, there have been several changes made particularly to the Japanese side of Twitter.

After the Jewnited States of Weimerica, the next biggest userbase of Twitter is the nation of Japan, Twitter is a very important piece of Japanese social media, which typically showcases political babbles and degenerate bullshit as trending.

Twitter is undergoing a lot of changes and it’s quite evident that Twitter was in fact collaborating with malicious parties in pushing and promoting certain agenda while pushing down other aspects in respect, we all basically knew this for ages anyway but since Elon Musk took ahold of the platform and changes are beginning to show, well now, the goyim certainly know.

Twitter has just had a massive exodus of employees getting the sack and miraculously, trending topics and tweets have shifted dramatically instantly away from political affairs to Japanese media, such as anime, manga, HoloLive, idols and TV shows.

Japanese Twitter was being artificially manipulated into promoting progressive and controversial topics, but since Twitter Japan laid off a lot of its staff, nonsensical political trending moments / categories have seemingly vanished.

Ikuko Takeshita is a radical Japanese feminist, praising the likes of Nintendo becoming more politically correct and much like all women who try and push an agenda they always seemingly give it away when there’s something to hide.

Specifically when translated, the tweet reads that Twitter’s news feed has yet to be updated, updated? That’s funny given how trending topics on Twitter are supposed to entirely organic.

Ikuko Takeshita then states that she and the company she works for, Business Insider Japan have ties with Twitter that go deep.

Business Insider Japan would essentially create a Twitter “Moment” from their articles and send them for review to Twitter’s “Curation” team and hopefully they would place the topic on the trending list, giving away that Twitter’s Trending is nothing more than corporate hacks artificially pushing progressive agendas.

Ikuko Takeshita made this tweet, giving away insider secrets in response made to another tweet stating that Twitter’s entire curation team had been fired.

Twitter has always been doing this sort of thing generally, tie in promotions for movies and other media such as video games, as the world’s biggest social media platform across the globe they can simply get away with back alley dealings to promote franchises or specified agendas, it certainly helps that Twitter themselves are staffed by folks who share the same cancerous ideology.

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