More Japanese Developers Abandon Sony – Publishers Ditching PlayStation For Other Platforms – UPPERS PS4 Canceled – Abyss of the Sacrifice
16 October 2020
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Get Woke. Go Broke.

Recently we reported on the announcement of Gal*Gun Returns from Inti Creates, a faithful remaster of the original Gal*Gun that released back in 2011 on the Xbox 360. However the main cause of concern regarding the announcement of Gal*Gun Returns was the complete absence of any note for a PlayStation release entirely. Putting it simply Inti Creates have no intention of releasing Gal*Gun Returns on the Sony PlayStation 4.

This courageous act of defiance from eastern developers is in direct retaliation of Sony’s needless and garbage globofudge packer censorship policies that have been plaguing developers since Sony moved their SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) headquarters to California or how everyone else see it, Commiefornia.

With needless censorship of Japanese titles that target the straight male demographic barring the exception of self-insert mocap tranny fucking found on The Lesbians of Us 2, Sony has outright lost the trust of eastern developers and consumers as a whole.

Because as a result of this faggotry censorship policy, Microsoft’s XBOX which NEVER caught on in the Japanese market since its inception Microsoft’s last system, the Xbox One not even making 1% of sales in the region to selling out pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and S in a matter of hours.

Japanese developers and consumers are outright skipping the Playstation.

So where do we go from here? Well I’m proud to say that Inti Creates are no longer the only Japanese studio foregoing a release on the Sony system.

Say hello to Abyss of The Sacrifice.

Announced by D3 Publisher, Abyss of The Sacrifice or otherwise known as Misshitsu no Sacrifice is a suspense filled visual novel title developed by Intense. Well that’s not really all about this game at all, you see this release of Abyss of The Sacrifice is actually an enhanced version of a Sony PSP exclusive title released back in Febuary 2010 as “Misshitsu no Sacrifice”

You would then imagine this remaster of a Playstation Portable title would receive a release on the Playstation console as well right? Nope.

Intense and publisher D3 Publisher have made the switch (pun intended) to the Nintendo Switch as well as onto the PC through the Steam distribution platform.

Abyss of The Sacrifice is set for release on December 17th and offers support for the English language as well as Japanese and Chinese, however the voice-overs will only be in Japanese which is the way that it should be. Abyss of The Sacrifice will retail for 4,800 yen physically only available for the Nintendo Switch however the digital versions will cost 3,990 yen across both platforms.

It seems Japanese developers have taken notice of Sony’s policy and rather than censoring and butchering their games to fit Sony’s standards which gets consumers outraged resulting in fewer sales, Japanese developers are starting to wake up and avoid the chance by simply not even considering the Sony Playstation as a viable platform to release products on.

However the party doesn’t end here as yet another studio has broken their relationship off with Sony in rather harsh fashion.

I welcome you to “UPPERS”, produced by the legend behind Senran Kagura, Kenichiro Takaki UPPERS originally released back in 2016 as a PlayStation Vita exclusive. Senran Kagura being another notorious series of games for being butchered on Sony systems.

Not only that but publishers Marvelous announced back in 2018 that UPPERS would be getting remastered and released only for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

However things have changed with XSEED Games and Marvelous completely jumping ship from Sony with a latest announcement trailer showcasing the release of UPPERS on October 21, 2020 however there’s just one thing missing. Can you guess what it might be?

You’ve got that right, the only platform even listed for release is the PC via the Steam store front. With Gematsu getting confirmation from an XSEED Games representative stating that the PS4 release has been outright canceled for North America and Europe.

We have a game that originated on the PS Vita back in 2016, was then announced back in 2018 for an remastered release on the PS4 and PC with complete translation across various languages including English. And here we are currently with the PS4 localization being scrapped entirely in NA & EU.

Consumers have been fed up with developers catering to Sony’s ruthless censorship demands with their garbage woke policies forcing developers to change their games from originally indented.

The fans are sick of it and so it seems are developers if we take away anything from D3 Publisher with their release of Abyss of The Sacrifice or more rather the clear cut “fuck you” XSEED Games and Marvelous are handing to Sony right now with the PS4 localized release of UPPERS being canceled.

Sony are losing support from Japanese developers, publishers and consumers and I couldn’t think of anything more Marvelous.

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