Microsoft Virtue Signals (((Pride Month))) With Fag-Flag Controllers and More
3 June 2022
faggotry LGBT Microsoft PRIDE MONTH Virtue Signal woke XBOX

It’s that time of year again, and if you have the fortune of not knowing what I’m on about, probably because you live under a rock, step aside and let me in because it’s (((Pride Month))).

A whole month of celebration and dedication towards mentally deranged trannies and other ambiguous child predators as your children learn the wonders of sodomy in their classroom, a whole month of faggotry because homosexuality is one massive tragedy.

What pride month usually entails are massive corporations virtue signaling for whatever rights are present during that particular month, this time it’s faggotry, so most large scale western corporations have of course preach the word of gay by altering their social media logos to that of the pride flag at least for a month.

This nonsensical virtue signaling is how modern corporations collect not only brownie points but also the contents of consoomer wallets because they’re praising (((the current thing))), whatever it may be.

Because modern consumers are that retarded.

Microsoft, one of the world’s largest conglomerates certainly is no stranger to virtue signaling on behest of whatever bullshit people are screeching about at that time, whether it be niggers, abortion and now child molestation.

For pride month this year however, Microsoft are quite adamant that you’ll consume its woke propaganda with $170,000 donated to (((non-profit))) organizations by means of their pride campaign.

Though of course, Microsoft’s largest consumer entity, the XBOX will be getting most of the gay praise and fanfare for pride month, with Microsoft introducing a limited number of “Pride Controllers” featuring all the different kinds of fag flags imaginable.

It’s quite a shame that this sort of stunt wasn’t pulled off by Nintendo because as we all know, those joy cons certainly don’t remain straight.

Because as we all know, consoles and therefore console gamers are in fact either black or gay, perhaps even both. Gayming is all about expressing your sexuality these days, and what better way to celebrate your flesh wound where your penis used to be than a horrendous XBOX controller featuring the flags of dilation and suicide.

Here’s a handy guide to distinguish between the various types of flags featured on this limited edition faggotized XBOX controller.

It just wouldn’t be ethical for corporations to shill for political agendas if there’s no real financial benefit from it all, that’s why Microsoft are introducing some “gaymer swag” during pride month with the XBOX Pride Shop.

For the elite faggots only, you can feel empowered all the way to your own grave by purchasing faggotized branded clothing options featuring XBOX branding, Halo or Obsidian Entertainment, all of the cancer you see above has been “carefully” designed by faggots, for faggots.

XBOX subsidiaries such as 343 Industries and Turn 10 / Playground Games also love to get in on the action of political pandering, what with the latest installment of Forza Horizon catering towards the mentally deficient and deaf featuring expressive character customization for all those wannabe black lesbionic men.

To say these properties are “woke” would be an understatement, Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are games that are built on a foundation of faggotry, so it’s understandable that these two would be promoting sodomy for gaymers of all ages.

For Halo Infinite, consoomers who login to their creatively bankrupt “free to play” FPS garbage will earn themselves a gay nameplate and emblem which are perfect additions for those who’ve forked over real life cash for the spartan cat ear attachment.

While players of Forza Horizon 4, 5 and Forza Motorsport 7 will be receiving their own faggotry-riddled Pagani Zonda donning an exclusive rainbow livery.

Much like with Microsoft’s latest inclusive Black History Month pandering, for the month of pride Microsoft will be giving the prolific gaymers on XBOX unique gamerpic, profile theme and XBOX avatar customization options to truly enhance the gayness of their horrific avatar redesign.

Finally of course, Microsoft panders its ever so popular Game Pass live service by highlighting some of the latest games on offer as being LGBT works of “art”.

Featuring garbage such as Dead by Daylight, now including its first gay character, David King.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, glorified DLC as a standalone game which was such a cataclysmic flop not even the dedicated faggot JewTubers who shill Borderlands could actually stomach it. Microsoft describing the game as exploring “LGBT stories”, including non-binary character creation options which makes perfect sense considering one of the main writers for Wonderlands is Sam Maggs, a bisexual.

No Longer Home is one of those irrelevant indie works of faggotry that merely contains non-binary characters. Who cares, and finally Unsighted, created by faggots for faggots, Unsighted features illusive trans Bronzillian warriors and lesbian robots.

As standard, the XBOX twitch channel will be flooded with faggots and disfigured troons during the month of June, LGBT streamers targeting children for indoctrination into their cult of degeneracy.

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