Microsoft Embraces The “Digital Age” by Removing Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 on Steam in Russia – Existing Owners Barred From Playing
8 March 2022
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You will own nothing and you will be happy.

Digital media at its finest, there’s nothing better than signing yourself up to specified DRM storefronts to buy your video games only for them to be taken away from you and your account at the snap of a finger simply because of wrong think or apparently just being a Russian citizen is enough.

Globalized virtue signaling has gotten out of hand following the bullshit kike propagative invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, with the invasion being used by globalist kikes as the perfect opportunity to demonize Russia and hinder them economically.

Kike conglomerate corporations that deal in produce from technology to media have “banded together as one” in their signals o virtue by outright stopping shipments and dealings with the Russian Federation.

And of course the cries of peace, prosperity and individualized unity has devolved into video games as well as game corporations “take action” to stop the violence… by inciting violence and hatred towards not just an entire nation but all of its inhabitants as well.

Estrogenic Arts deemed it necessary to pull Russian teams, players from its various sports titles such as FIFA and NHL games. However a new justice warrior has arisen to make itself known that it absolutely despises the consumer, and that corporation is Microsoft.

A quick gander towards the Steam discussion forums for Microsoft titles that have been released on Steam such as Forza Horizon 4, 5 and Halo Infinite you’ll be met with various threads from furious customers who’ve just been ostracized by Microsoft.

And obviously, the faggot white hat moderators of the Steam community forum have been quick to lock and remove just about any newly created thread that pops up mentioning Microsoft’s evident prejudice towards Russian consumers.

So much so even Valve employees had to step in, because as we all know, political decisions should never be had at the dinner table.

Microsoft have outright prohibited the likes of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo Infinite and the Forza Horizon franchises in Russia on Steam.

CD Projekt Red have also taken such a stance against Russian customers by prohibiting its woke fest CyberPozz 2077 in the Russian region on Steam also.

It’s these sorts of actions and outright segregation of consumers is why those with enough brain cells to rub together actually pirate media such as video games.

For the likes of CDPR and Microsoft to usurp existing customers who’ve actually bought their games in the first place is asinine kikery.

Those who’ve already paid, bought and installed their games can no longer access them simply because they live in a nation that is being scrutinized by the west, the ultimate virtue signal. Russian customers can no longer install the games they’ve paid for, they can no longer access the games they’ve already installed simply because the developers wanted some internet brownie points and revoked access to your entire country.

Your games, your purchases can be stolen by publishers and developers in a heartbeat, be it because you’ve broken the Terms of Service of your ONLINE DRM game storefront or simply because you happen to be of a specific region.

White have always been (((scrutinized))) but now it seems to be universally accepted, preached and appreciated to be racist towards whites if they are Russian, this is how far kike tyranny has desecrated society.

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