Maxsun Presents Next Generation iCRAFT Triple-Fan Custom Design at ChinaJoy
6 August 2018
iCraft Maxsun Nvidia Nvidia Next Generation

Chinese Manufacturer Maxun have showcased a sneak peak of their “next generation” design for their iCRAFT series of graphics cards targeted towards gamers at ChinaJoy.

The card Maxsun has put on display features a single 8-Pin power connector along with a dual slot, triple-fan design with plentiful amounts of RGB strips on the fan shroud while also sporting a traditional “GeForce GTX” RGB LED on the side which is a very nice touch.

The main suspense around this card is that Maxsun has not mentioned anything about this new design coming out on any current Pascal based GPU featuring only an 8-pin power connector really throws this out of line for something like 1080Ti.

The “Next Generation…” underneath in bold brings further speculation whether this is a tease for Nvidia’s next generation rumored to be revealed at the GeForce Gaming Celebration during Gamescon in just two weeks time.

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